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NHL: Mic'd Up Warm-Ups

NHL: Mic'd Up Warm-Ups

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33 Responses

  1. Jay sleeper2 says:

    Hornqvist to the shooter: hey, almost
    Hornqvist to the tendy 2.5 seconds later: not even close

  2. Dulla says:

    i want to watch this everyday instead of the actual games

  3. Matt Wakeman says:

    "I gave everybody one yesterday"


  4. hope vancouver take a waiver on Evander Kane. 50% for a conditional 2nd and any dump player they will take. Ideally Dickinson or Pearson as he would play there spots. Miller needs support if they are gunna go over top.

  5. CathyGo says:

    Nobody is going to comment on TJ Oshie just straight up getting smacked across the rear at 8:08 ? LOL

  6. NSKR 1 says:

    7:57….I’ll take things Kane will never have to worry about again for $200, Alex.

  7. dyy0 says:

    Buffalo gave the knights eichel, gave the blues o'reilly and gave the ref jose evander kane. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  8. Mike Breen says:

    I wish they woulda had this in the '70's!

  9. what was the warm up song played at 0:23

  10. I would legitimately find it hilarious if a hockey player just broke out into figureskating on the ice lmao

  11. Sibby Eskie says:

    I would find 90% of these guys insufferable.

  12. Bruce says:

    Dam this is pretty weak

  13. T F says:

    You know that Buff hits hard…when he hits lightly in warmup and your air still goes out…

  14. Zexr says:

    FUN FACT NO ONE CARES ABOUT: Bret burns used to go to my elementary school

  15. Bogosian and evander have defiantly had there share of snowy nights in Winnipeg together ❄️❄️❄️

  16. joe guy says:

    Eichel, Kane and Taylor hall are cancerous on every team they’re on.

  17. How many times has Hayes made that ipod joke lmao

  18. Rollin8 says:

    The back of Kane’s head on the thumbnail tho

  19. KrosziZ says:

    Tampa Bay : Mic'd Up Warm-Ups
    …and some other teams

  20. Is it just me, or do the Sharks players seem to have zero chemistry in this video compared to other teams?

  21. Hayes and his iPod joke, that’s like the 3rd time he’s used it. Twice he said it was AV’s ipod and the other time it was Giroux’s. And seriously, who uses an iPod anymore?

  22. The slimy onion trivially annoy because walrus commonly fax in a true sarah. serious, itchy package

  23. Not one of Mcdavid, because he’s too busy out working all of you 😂

  24. Management : “so your agent thinks your mature enough to handle your own contract negotiation. Player : “Choo choo bang bang zip zip”. Tell me I’m wrong. 🤣

  25. AJ Alonzo says:

    Even in the NHL y’all still act like a bunch of mites during LTP lmao

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