Ob/Gyn Mom 5 Tips for C-Section Recovery

Ob/Gyn Mom 5 Tips for C-Section Recovery

Ob/Gyn and C-Section mama (x3) gives 5 tips (+ a bonus tip) for recovering after your cesarean delivery.


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  1. H Vick says:

    Can you do a version of this video for episiotomies?

  2. Adrita Kar says:

    Insensitive skin may mean that they don't have any sensation in that part of the skin like it might happen with diabetic foot or leprosy or any other sensory neuropathy because they might burn themselves with it and not even realize until afterwards

  3. Thank you for the motivational speech at the end.

  4. I love you! SO HELPFUL.PERIOD.

  5. lynb87 says:

    Would be interesting to know why the c-section rate is so high in America and why the who recommends quite a low c-section rate. It's major surgery but I've heard of women put in some pretty risky situations to avoid c-sections and they ended up needed forceps for instance. Are there better and worse reasons for avoiding c-sections?

  6. Having c-section next monday, wish me luck

  7. carolyn says:

    I had a C-section and recovery was a long process. I felt bad for 8 weeks at least. I wish i had known these things 30 years ago.

  8. Sammi G. says:

    What advice would you give to someone who just had an emergency C section and then got pregnant again not even three months later? Is it very dangerous to keep the pregnancy? How do you help ensure the c section scar doesn't reopen or if it does reopen, then what happens?

  9. ERYN says:

    I didn't have a C-section, but I did have abdominal surgery for my ectopic pregnancy. They gave me an abdominal binder and it is wonderful. I do notice needed to go to the bathroom more frequently and /or urgently and being fuller more abruptly, but my chronic back pain is absent.
    They gave me a heart surgery pillow, because that's what they had on hand, but it was comforting because my grandmother had the same one, and it was also a marriage anniversary, so a heart was appropriate.

  10. I labored for 4 days just to end up needing a c section 😔 so I was searching videos to help my recovery more. Thank you! I birthed my 1st vaginally and this baby c section.

  11. One of the best things for me was keeping a note of when I had taken pain meds. I found that I was hesitant to take them because j didn't remember when I last had, and then my pain would get out of control. I started writing it down and then took it on the schedule my doctor gave me and I felt wayyyyyy better. It was just ibuprofen and I took it for about a week.
    I also needed to ask for more help. I was really sore after getting up and down and up and down when baby woke up. I felt bad waking my husband up but I ended up in so much pain that I was crying the next day.

  12. Vamp Kitty says:

    I got one for my son but I wouldn't wanna use his

  13. Lana says:

    colleen ballinger has twinsa via c-section you should collab with her.

  14. I actually ended up with a massive cellulitis infection because I couldn't get up and move. That meant I didn't get the desperately needed shower until 3 days pp. My Dr was furious with the nurses who hadn't made sure I'd gotten my shower and my laps. To make matters worse because I was on Tylenol they missed my fever and despite my going from man it's hot in here for 3 days to omg I'm freezing and literally wiping out their warm blanket case I got discharged. I was back at the hospital 20 minutes after I got home because I finally skipped a dose of Tylenol and my temp was at 102.7. Had to be readmitted through the ER and then spent another 11 days in the hospital. I needed a revision surgery and went home with a wound vacuum. My baby was born in October. I was open until the end of January. I also got a lovely case of CDiff AND dropped 70 pounds in my 2 week stay at the hospital and 2 days at home. Sadly once I could eat again it all came back.

    Cesarean's are so hard.

  15. Insensitive skin means your skin has trouble sensing temperature changes and you might be more prone to burns or frostbite.

  16. GODDESS GH says:

    Please how soon can one put the binder on?

  17. I wish I’d seen this when I had my abdominal hysterectomy!

  18. Im a 3 time C-section mom too!!! I'm not sure if it's just me or where I had my tubes removed while they had me open, but this time has been a lot harder to heal and get better. I've had so many complications since having him. I even had stitches tear on my right ab muscle and had to be flighted to the closest trauma hospital due to the bleeding and pain I was having… it was the most pain I've ever felt in my life, and I was in labor for 29 hours with my 1st child… sorry for the rant but I'm truly curious if it's just me… I'm 6 weeks postpartum now 😊

  19. Han Wirtz says:

    We have warmies in Germany 🥰

  20. A few years ago, I had my gallbladder out. The hospital gave me a 'sir hug-a-lot' (not sure on the name) teddy bear. It was nice and squishy, but still solid enough to support my mid-section when I was sitting or standing up or laying down. Amazing thing!

  21. If you want to be wacky and beautiful while you do your informative video then I don't object.

  22. NOBODY told me about an abdominal binder!

  23. Pmomma100 says:

    You are amazing lol very great and entertaining.

  24. Issy says:

    As a non-binary person who plans to never have children or at least never carry them, I found this extremely educational.

  25. MamaSaurus says:

    Worried I'll have to go straight into PT if I c-section for help moving enough as I have severe POTS and if I get out of my wheelchair my heart nearly reaches 200bpm and I pass out. I can go a few feet, maybe a few yards, before I'm tunnel visioned, seeing spots, and gasping for enough air to keep up with my heart rate. No idea how I'd manage to get up and exercise to recover enough.

  26. Don't snowboard while pregnant (personal experience) baby is fine but if you injure yourself your pain relief options are complicated and a back injury while heavily pregnant is bloody tough

  27. I don’t know if you’ll see this but I just found you on and I had three c sections and with all three in the recovery stage my incision would get infected. Do you know why infections can occur?

  28. nr1 move around, go up and down the stairs
    nr2 drink a lot of water

  29. I just stumbled on your page and your personality is fracking amazing! I was laughing for at least half the video!

  30. macolga100 says:

    Great great great video and great speaker! But gosh, that American volume :)))) always have to turn it down

  31. Lauren says:

    Love your energy! Thank you for this video.. I’m set for a section next week s as I’d I’m terrified

  32. Tk Powell says:

    I have a warmies now 🙂 its a pink llama

  33. Shay S95 says:

    Can you choose to have a c section if you want too

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