Plush That Sold on eBay | July 2020

Plush That Sold on eBay | July 2020

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17 Responses

  1. Jamie Boyett says:

    Dang I just saw a Sock Monkey the other day..I didn't know it was a BOLO..I will pick it up next week if it's still there

  2. Jamie Boyett says:

    I recently sold a Build-a-Bear plush for $59.99

  3. Star, I am just recently finding you! Oh, my goodness what a wealth of knowledge you have. You are amazing. Appreciate you so much.THANK YOU!

  4. Missy Flips says:

    What is the global shipping program?

  5. Did you know that camels are a symbol in 12 step programs?

  6. PAUL ABAIR says:

    wow 2:20 great flip. You have often said to sell the clothes seperate and a good example of why.

  7. Quiche Ki says:

    How/where do you store your plush that haven't sold yet?

  8. Roxie A says:

    Just started selling plush. Sold my first set! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  9. You gotta get those watch batteries on ebay. theyre pretty inepensive. Then you can do a video of battery switch and testing.

  10. psss…. are you listing on poshmark?

  11. pss… just came across bag full of clothes cant tell if plush or doll any suggest? old no tags

  12. star-again thank you for keeping high instead of low and fast you really have kept plush alive for the rest of us (smiley face)

  13. still 150 to list-cant find power any suggestions? clothes slow but learned some jeans from you MAHALO -havnt gone that route so much photos and my special photo studio (bathroom) need expanded for long shots

  14. Mary Brannan says:

    Love your videos! And I enjoy selling plush. Sold one today for $79 and another a few days ago for more than $30. So fun to source and sell. Thank you Starr!

  15. Thanks Star I have learned so much from you!!

  16. Deb C says:

    I think my goodwill watches your videos. They price them from 3.50-6 dollars. Crazy.

  17. Do you sell a lot of plush on Posh or Mercari?

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