POISONED WATERS – The Warmies (hotties) – Yarra River – Fishing

POISONED WATERS – The Warmies (hotties) – Yarra River – Fishing

https://www.landfishtv.com.au/ – The Yarra River, Stony Creek and the Warmies (Hotties) have been poisoned by a factory fire and subsequent fire fighting. There has been a fish kill and warning by authorities (with signage erected) regarding the issues of taking fish to eat from those areas. Please click on the links below and find out for yourself!

There is large amounts of Tailor there at the moment, but it should only be considered catch and release fishing until this is over.

I would not be eating fish from those areas any time soon!

Environmental Protection Authority media release: https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/about-us/news-centre/news-and-updates/news/2018/august/31/advice-on-stony-creek

NEWS: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/scores-of-dead-fish-eels-wash-up-after-melbourne-factory-fire-20180831-p500z5.html

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22 Responses

  1. Sasha K says:

    who knows when it will be safe to take fish from there. I took a couple of travellies and one mullet from there a couple of weeks ago. Actually ate and had no problems. Of course if there is poison and you eat enough of it it may affect you. I felt that it's been a while since the spill and considering how much rain, tides and the power of the flow at warmies the contamination would be washed away/diluted and neutralized.

    Any info? seems those signs are now left behind as "just in case"/"we don't know what's going on so we are leaving the signs."

  2. its been 9 months so i was just wondering if it is safe at present time?

    thx alot

  3. Mickos says:

    How long do these waters stay polluted?

  4. Marx Fishing says:

    Well done, good message to get out there.

  5. Fush says:

    great post ! I always worry about those fish who have been infected with toxins then swimming out to another location :O

  6. Every factory fire in Sydney is put out with a fire retardant that always results in a black water event which our local councils and EPA never report on.
    It's good to see that the EPA are doing their job down south.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  7. Jack says:

    These asians don’t give a shit lmao one tried to fight me a couple weeks back

  8. TK Caapi says:

    damn good on you for posting this.
    we gotta look out for each other.
    some people feed their families on fish caught from inner metro waters.

  9. Mr Sturgeon says:

    The alert on the Yarra and Bay website at the moment is saying the water may travel as far as Brighton. https://imgur.com/4mdJPYj
    It's quiet scary to think of what the long term effects could be, especially with snapper due to come in and spawn over the next couple of months. Hopefully the epa are able to remove some of the run-off.

  10. Thanks for the advice. Good to know that 😀👍👋

  11. R R says:

    Thanks for heads up mate. Cheers

  12. Geek Tim says:

    And they're still fishing the area! That's crazy 🙁
    Cheers for the update sir.

  13. That would be the Environmental Protection Authority. Buggered if I would be eating fish out of there. Do they have 3 eyes like in the Simpson's lol. May give you more then an upset tummy.

  14. Not related to video but what net do u usually use

  15. Reppie says:

    Yet it's ok to dump flouride in the water supply for people too drink.

  16. I was gonna go tomorrow but i think ill just go trout fishing or something

  17. Toa Klei says:

    Thank u bro. Lucky i hit dat bell🔔 or i wouldnt have known👊

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