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Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipe Warmer Review

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipe Warmer Review

link to wipe warmer



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  1. Your instructions was vary clear and to the point, tfs,
    In His Grace Lorisa

  2. Mr Possum says:

    You could also try microwaving them before placing them in, then let the warmer keep it warm

  3. the_others says:

    thanks for posting how to use this thing.. my in-laws got this for us and threw away the box/instructions

  4. How long does it take to warm up

  5. hamzeh kh says:

    How input voltage to operate that?

  6. I think it's pretty pointless to be honest.

  7. I bought mine used $5. Don’t waste your money on replacing the foam. If you want it plugged all the time just overfill it with water a little and don’t let it dry. What i do is i untangle about 10 wipes and put it in sandwich ziplock and put it in the warmer. With the refill wipes beside it i replace what i used. You can just use paper tower or piece of cloth at the bottom inside the warmer since it will not contaminate the ziplocked wipes

  8. Do you put the water directly in the wipe warmer

  9. Do you know if you can use it without the sponge?

  10. very honest review – thank you! and thanks for the microwave hint

  11. Jess RE says:

    It’s so cold here I’m so glad my boyfriend found this. I didn’t know there’s such thing.

  12. Ms Brown says:

    Bought for my grandson so he has a warmth on his bottom came to yt to make sure I was using it right your video was very helpful but honestly it was a waste of money it would be nice if it had a temp setting so I can put more wipes in and every time I pull a wipe I have to restart it it would be nice if it operated with a battery opposed to being plugged in bc its inconvenient… Thx for your video and your honesty!

  13. Sim Simas says:

    No heating pad, no pillow case, and no instructions. Now I cant use it.

  14. When I had my daughter in nov the weather is so cold as it gets closer to December. In the middle of the night when baby would wake up i would just have a thermal full of warm water and a plastic container ready i would dip my baby wipe in first squeeze off the excess water and then wipe babys bottom it was honestly more satisfying knowing my babys was getting a quick bath/clean while using only 2 wipes to get it all done and it worked just as well and faster than waiting for baby wipes to be warm. Baby didnt cry or feel discomfort it was a fast diaper change. After I just rinse out the container and wait for another change. Easy .. but that was just my method because I could not afford a wipe warmer.

  15. A B C says:

    very good review, thank you. i don't know which is more work: putting wipes in the microwave or keeping the wipes warm and moist in the warmer….

  16. Very informative thank you!

  17. missmamtube says:

    Shalom! Thank you so much for sharing with us just how to use this warmer. I am a granny and soon to be Foster Mom for my second couinsins two month old baby. Blessings to you and yours in Yeshua's Name!

  18. Kaylee L says:

    My white Warmer didn’t come with the sponge what could I do?

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