Cuddle Barn | Ellie 12″ Elephant Animated Stuffed Animal Plush Toy for Kids | Pink Ears Flappy Movement and Head Sway | Sings Do Your Ears Hang Low

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Ellie is a 12″ Elephant Animated Stuffed Animal Plush toy for kids. She has ear flapping movement and head swaying. She plays the classic childrens song “Do Your Ears Hang Low”

60 reviews for Cuddle Barn | Ellie 12″ Elephant Animated Stuffed Animal Plush Toy for Kids | Pink Ears Flappy Movement and Head Sway | Sings Do Your Ears Hang Low


    This was not for a child, although it would be perfect for a child. I bought it for an elderly friend who is legally blind. She recently lost a dear friend and I wanted something to lift her spirits. This was perfect.

  2. Judy Radaker

    Arrived defective. The mechanism in the ear was hanging out. There was no option for exchanging only return and refund so i purchased another after my return. I will update after receiving the second one if it’s any betterSecond one is not defective and works as it should. Batteries are junk and need replaced right from the start…. not an issue for me as this is for my granddaughter for x-mas so I had to remove batteries anyhow to store itNow here hoping it holds up. I’m not changing my rating yet due to the issues and I won’t to see if it even hold up

  3. KVanAcker

    Adorable puppy. Clear voice tells the story.

  4. James

    The toys itself is very cute, but I’m disappointed that it came smushed up in a plastic bag! No box, no instructions, bad presentation!!!

  5. Cotton Blossom


  6. LP

    Was a gift for my great niece’s 3rd birthday. She loved it.

  7. Kathleen S.

    Adorable stuffed animal for my baby granddaughter, Ellie. Nice motion and clear musical quality. Hard base on bottom is covered by a fur flap which is nice.

  8. Cathy L Johnson

    This is the cutest elephant I have ever seen! I would definitely recommend it for family and friends. We love this animated elephant!!


    There were two things we didn’t like about Elliot: 1. When he arrived he didn’t work! So… 2. We had to take off the little door that housed the batteries that we found someone put in wrong! The worst part was the tiny screw that holds the battery door shut. It was next to impossible to unscrew!

  10. Cynce75

    He’s so cute, cuddly and he Sings and wiggles his ears! I smile when I think about him.

  11. MontegoBay

    This elephant is adorable and soft. A battery compartment is located on the bottom, so it’s not exactly snuggly, but it’s very plushy otherwise. The song is very audible and the elephant’s robotic movements are clever (moves ears, neck and ears). Very satisfied.

  12. MsDukeAl

    This item is cute as can be but the song doesn’t play right. Sounds like the batteries are running down before the song ends. I saw it at another persons home and song was great. This one is either defective and must be replaced if batteries don’t fix the problem.

  13. Llg

    Very cute stuffed elephant. The music is clear and enjoyable. My 5 month old loves it.

  14. S Barnhart

    Very cute, works perfectly. I recommend.

  15. Tiffany V

    Adorable! Bought as a birthday gift for my niece.

  16. Renee

    Low quality product , 2 sets of new batteries and it didn’t work . No happy with how cheap looking and feeling it was either

  17. Amazon Customer

    Super cute it’s a gift for my nephew

  18. Bonnie Martin

    My grand daughter loves it. She likes the movement and the music!

  19. Samuel T Doss

     Adorable! Our one year old LOVES it!! It sings two verses of “do your ears hang low” super cute! A little pricey but worth it!

  20. Amazon Customer

    Es un producto bueno y entretenido para los niños de mi hogar, es agradable a la vista.

  21. Cindy Payne

    My granddaughter loves this elephant. soft and she loves the songs

  22. jaytar

    I gave this to my great nephew who is only about 6 weeks oldHe may have been a little too young he just stared at itIm sure he will appreciate it as he gets a little older

  23. meb

    This is a darling musical toy and enjoyed by not only the birthday boy but by everyone who saw and listened to it singing. It has excellent music quality and tone and is so much better than I could have hoped for!

  24. Cynce75

    So cute, love the song and the moving ears. Can’t help but smile when you see it.

  25. Margarete Salinger

    Love the toy. Came from Cuddle Barn and was shipped with the other animated toy (unexpected so soon). Protected and safe in a good box. Nicely done Cuddle Barn!

  26. Sunsedrae Ross

    We love Ellie and the song too. My granddaughter was a little bit overwhelmed with the music at first but has since adapted. I hope with her carrying the animal around while the flopping and moving is happening it does not interrupt the toys overall function.

  27. Margarete Salinger

    Love the toy. Came from Cuddle Barn and was shipped with the other animated toy (unexpected so soon). Protected and safe in a good box. Nicely done Cuddle Barn!

  28. Cotton Blossom

    I purchased Miss Ellie,because I purchased Elliot the male version.I just get a big laugh at them when they wave their ears sing their song”Do Your Ears Hang Low” I would recommend Miss Ellie

  29. Lynn Watkins

    My little great grandson loves this!!

  30. Amazonshopper

    Bought one for my m-i-l for her birthday–she has severe Alzheimer’s. Wasn’t sure how she would react to it–she loved it–hugged and kissed him…sometimes “dances” with her arms as his ears go up and down. We find with most activities, she doesn’t always engage, but on the occasions when she does, he’s a cute companion. My grandbabies (ages 6 mos-4 yrs) also gave him a “thumbs up”, so of course I had to order another one for them to play with. Elliot is a hit!

  31. Kindle Customer

    This is the third time I have purchased one of these elephants,and I think the parents love them as much as the children do.

  32. Jill M.

    I bought this for my grandson who will be arriving soon! The shower for my daughter-in-law had an elephant theme so this stuffed animal fit right in. The cute song and the ears going up and down was the entertainment at the shower, for sure. Can’t wait for my grandson to see it and play with it!!

  33. Kodge

    This is so much more adorable in person. Made very well and the grandkids love it. The sound is great too

  34. Norma

    This was a gift! It is absolutely precious! The recipient loved it!❤️

  35. Lindsey

    Bought this for my 16 month old, he loves it! Pushes the button on the elephants leg by himself and it sings and moves it’s ears up and down. This is so cute and soft! Great purchase!

  36. Amazon Customer

    Used by a toddler. Soft, great sound. Elicits giggles.

  37. JL Crisman

    This is a gift for our grandson. It is so cute and has nice tone.

  38. Clifford

    Delightful toy to amuse a child and adults alike.

  39. Jan Hall

    This was a gift for my daughter who is having twins. She loved it!

  40. Jackie Pearson

    I love this toy. I got it for my first granddaughter who was born on July 28th. Although she is too young to play with it, we all have a great time with it. It’s very cute and the way the ears and body move is adorable

  41. KPW

    Bought this adorable elephant to give as a gift. It is very well made, looks just like the picture and sounds just like the video. Ellie will make everyone smile.

  42. Cathy Butler

    I bought one of these elephants on Amazon a few months ago for my 6 month old granddaughter. She LOVED it and just rocked and laughed when we played the music. It didn’t last even 2 months before it would not work anymore…we even tried new batteries. My granddaughter loved it so much that I broke down and ordered this second one, however I have ordered many singing animals fro Amazon previously and have never had any last such a short time……………so I loved the product, just not it’s durability

  43. Sandi Ball

    By the time our great-grandson gets this for Christmas it will be worn out. Everyone has been playing with it. It has already put smiles on so many faces. This is a wonderful toy for young and old alike. Our granddaughter has decorated her sons bedroom in elephants, so not only is it the most adorable animated stuffed animal, it’s perfect!! The sound and the movements are incredible. One of the best toys yet.

  44. Past Romance

    Do Your Ears Hang Low, Do they Wobble to and fro? The song and this cute elephant that sings it makes my 1-year-old granddaughter laugh every time. His fur is very soft, but he’s definitely not hugable because of being full of animatronics. The best part is that the song is loud enough to hear, but it’s not blared at a million decibels like some of the toys of this type.

  45. Donna Mac

    This is a huge hit with kids and adults It’s funny and nicely made.

  46. Denny

    The elephants made the babies giggle. It was heart warming to watch.

  47. Fancy Girl

    This is a cute toy. Unfortunately, I had to add new batteries because the activation pull was already dislodged, and the activation button was set to the on button therefore, the batteries were dead so I had to buy new batteries. Overall after getting new batteries it’s cute but not what the video shows. The video shows a cute face and features.

  48. Baytraks

    This toddler’s Christmas gift was so much fun to give. The little girl danced and danced to the singing elephant!

  49. B. Warmus

    I bought this for a woman who has dementia and thinks like a child. She went crazy over it and kept playing it over and over. The only thing I did not like is that it moves sometimes off the table or falls over when playing. I highly recommend it for a child.

  50. Star C.

    As described and person that got this as a gift loves it!!!!

  51. BAG

    So adorable! Sings and moves and makes you smile! I love seeing people’s faces when they see it. Would definitely buy again

  52. dosie

    My grandbaby is gonna luuve this! Course I had to test it and oh, my, my dog went crazy and I couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe I’ll keep it for myself. Still grinning ear to ear.

  53. M.B.

    This is absolutely adorable! You need to watch the videos to see just how cute it is. Or, just buy it and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed! The ears wiggle and the elephant sings. It is just one of the cutest animated plush toys I’ve ever seen. I ordered two of these for my granddaughters and I know they will love them!

  54. Kitsi Anger

    Bought it for baby shower gift, had to return as it kept falling over when flapping the ears while playing the music. It was adorable otherwise.

  55. Sharon Russell

    I don’t know anything about this toy because it was a gift to my sister in a rehab facility.

  56. susan Moser

    Bought as gift & he loved it! Soft, made well & makes you smile!

  57. Carolyn Willey

    Great granddaughter loved it especially when the ears went up and down

  58. Amazon Customer

    This item was purchased for my 1 year old great grandson. He will loved it.

  59. Elizabeth Sisson

    Perfect for my shower needs

  60. vjack

    My granddaughter loves this. It is more cute than it picture especially when it sings. Head and ear move. Too cute

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