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10″ Owl flaps his wings and lights up to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Hush, Little Baby”.

30 reviews for Cuddle Barn Plush Owl Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  1. BreeKich

    *wanted to edit that it was not nessecarily “broken”. Apparently the horrible noise it was making was due to low batteries. That being said, i changed the batteries and a day later they were dead again, repeat 3 times. Ive added 2 stars because although i hate this toy my kids love it.* Broken after 1st week of use. Makes an extremely chilling cut off noise now. I cant retuen it because it was a gift for my daughter sleeping through the night and shes now attached to it.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Commercial made it seem the words were sang to twinkle twinkle but was only music

  3. Janinv

    I bought this after the one I bought elsewhere just wouldn’t flap it’s wings! This one is in perfect condition and my 9 month old grandson loves it.

  4. Amazon Customer

    this toy is so soft , even with the sound box inside! you can tell which song is playing because of the high quality very good value!

  5. Suzan

    It was perfect for great nieces birthday. She loves twinkle twinkle and that it lights up. She sleeps with it every night.

  6. Vampire D

     My son who received this for his 1st birthday loves this! It’s the perfect softness for a baby. The music is great at relaxing a baby with the kid’s soothing singing voice. It took less a month before we needed to change batteries. My only complaint is the location of the battery on the plush and it barely has covering to protect the electronics from damage. So be careful near hard floors or heights with this lovable owl.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Love it!

  8. Texjuls

    My son loved it but after very gentle play it stopped flapping its wings and rocking after only 6 weeks.Update: ordered a second one and new one had a volume control but stopped flapping its arms after a few weeks too. Seller does not have a warranty for this item so both times I was out money for an expensive toy that doesnt work more than 4 to 6 weeks . I do not recommend.

  9. Kenia

    It’s a very simple owl. It only plays 2 songs, but my little one loves it. It flaps its wings and the belly glows with different colors. I saw it at a gift shop and it was the only toy that my 10 month old kept staring at, I didn’t buy it then so I was excited when I finally found it online. I would like it more if it played more songs or even if it repeated the songs for at least 10 minutes. This owl is soft and cuddly and it definitely keeps the babies attention.

  10. Kenna Proffitt

    Only worked 1 week.

  11. Ugadawg17

    Niece loved the little owl.

  12. Dumbledang

    My 1.5 year old loves this toy. He Carrie’s it around and snuggles it constantly. 🙂

  13. Jon Roudebush

    My grandson loves it!

  14. ELMA16

    Don’t hesitate to buy this adorable owl! I got this for my 15 month old daughter and it’s her favorite toy now! It’s so cute, soft and the music is sweet too. The fact that he lights up and flaps his wings is just icing on the cake! She loves to hug, kiss and rock him. It was bigger than I thought, but not too big at all. Perfect size. The button to turn the music on is easy to press and she had no trouble figuring it out after I showed her once. You can turn it on and off as well which we will do if she wants to take it to her crib at night. Highly recommend this owl! We love him!

  15. Zoe’

    I gave ywo of these as gifts to 2 year old children. They absolutely loved them.

  16. bullitzproof

    Quality .

  17. Amy

     My 1 1/2 year old daughter LOVED this owl ever since she got it a week ago as a gift from her grandparents. Unfortunately it never lit up even after we changed the batteries twice. She loved how it would rock and flap his wings. She carries it everywhere and sleeps with it too, but unfortunately after 5 days would only sing 1-3 seconds before stopping and the wings no longer flap. I am so bummed because this was the first toy she has really fell in love with! Hoping it was just a defective one.

  18. Ana

    Feliz con la compra!

  19. Joseph K.

    Baby adores this guy!!

  20. Amazon Customer

    Our 2 yr old grandson loves it.

  21. debralyn

    Grand daughter loved it, really cute!

  22. Eric F

    Love it. It is perfect!

  23. Leah Ernst

    This is a really cute toy however, The batteries last like 3 days. It says you have to flip switch off (which is hidden under Velcro flap) when you’re not using it to save battery but it’s something I liked to keep in my sons crib since he loves it. I have went through so many batteries and two owls before I realized that’s just how it is made. It drains battery so fast even if you aren’t pressing the button for the song. If you just want it as a stuffed animal and don’t care about the song and wings flapping then you may like it a lot!

  24. SAM M.

    UPDATE: the batteries were low which is why it stopped flapping. If you have a problem just change the batteries! This toy is the best! Nothing keeps my 6 month old quiet except watching this owl.!!! Super soft, a bit loud but not bad. My 6 month old LOVES glowing plush toys. Lights are color changing and really nice. My only complaint is that the wings stopped flapping within 24 hours of opening the toy. The lights and sounds still work; not sure why the wings stopped. My 5 year old would turn it on for the baby and leave it sit so they were not rough with it.

  25. Charlotte Sometimes

    My daughter loved this owl so much. But the owl broke almost immediately and the wings stopped flapping. She was very upset that I had to return it. But I couldn’t keep it. I changed the batteries twice. It was toast. Just so cheaply made. Isn’t anyone honest anymore? :/

  26. Dukie129

    My 2-year old son was gifted one of these toys and he instantly fell in love with it! Very cute and soft. I like the fact that the music is soothing and soft, not obnoxious like other toys. However, it died after 1 month of occasional use. I bought another one to replace it, but the second one also died, this time after only 2 weeks 🙁 My son is super gentle with it too. Very disappointing because the owl is really cute. I just wish the musical mechanism wouldn’t break.

  27. Eclecticreader

    My 12 year old son has Autism and a fascination with owls. When he opened his gift, his face lit up and he quickly named it Owlbert. He exclaimed over its softness and was delighted when he discovered it could “sing” to him. As he cuddled with Owlbert at bedtime, he was quite pleased to find that Owlbert lit up as needed. I can’t thank you enough for producing such a quality product.

  28. CBB

    We have had our owl replaced twice and both times it breaks or glitches out after minimal use. The music and light feature will begin to play the tune then abruptly cut out with the sound of a broken record. Cheaply made toy that’s not built to last.

  29. Linda H.

    So adorable our son LOVES it.

  30. RK

    My one year old grand-daughter loved watching the demonstration video on line and was so excited when she received it. A favorite for sure.

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