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  • Dressed in a classy mint sweater, Sing Along Sydney is an elephant that sings and sways to 5 nursery rhyme songs and encourages everyone to sing along.
  • Animated Cuddle Barn plush toys sing, talk, move or light up. These soft plush toys are sure to be your child’s new favorite toy.
  • Cuddle Barn plush toys make great presents for new parents, baby showers, birthdays, daycare, preschool class and more. Everyone will fall in love with these adorable animated plush toys, they’ll be a hit with kids, parents, and teachers alike!
  • Three (03) AA batteries included for instant use. All Cuddle Barn plush include batteries so you can let your child enjoy it right away.
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37 reviews for Cuddle Barn Sing Along Sydney,Gray,12 Inches

  1. Carole Cruise

    This elephant is just adorable & my 2yr Old Blind grandson loved it! However the button on the foot to turn it on stopped working. We put in new batteries but the button wouldn’t turn in. Trying to return and replace the elephant but hoping the next one is more durable!

  2. labluvr2329

    My grandson loves this . He enjoys listening to the songs. He’s only 3 months old but he’s very interactive while the elephant is singing.

  3. Sarah

    My granddaughter will love it

  4. Amazon Customer

    I love this toy. My granddaughter is 11 months and will have fun with it. He sings several songs. She loves Morher Goose from Cuddle Barn. I have to exchange it though, since his music book and collar ate bent and wrinkled. I could try steaming it, but it’s a Christmas gift and I hope the replacement Sydney is in great shape!

  5. L. M.

    this toy is so cute, my grandson and granddaughter loves it

  6. Zaftigwaif

    Bought this for my 1 year olds birthday. It does not come in a box but just wrapped in plastic. It does sit up and sing songs which is what it’s supposed to do. It’s very soft too. Worth the money.

  7. Archie Care Computer

    Pleasant voice of the singer. The toy is very adorable.

  8. Jamie

    Keeps my 9 month old granddaughter happy. We got dolton the dragon for her at 6mns and she loves him, wish Sydney had some light on him like dolton, but she still likes him.

  9. Trecia

    This was a Christmas gift for my 3 year old grand daughter, who has Down syndrome. She absolutely loves it!

  10. RBuff

    It’s a first birthday giftWell madeMesmerizing to infants and toddlersReasonably priced

  11. Pauline B.

    This animated plush is just too cute. The singing voice is not overpowering and has a gentle tone. The nice thing is that it sings all the songs in less than 3 minutes and then stops so you don’t get tired of hearing it at all. My grandkids love it.

  12. Baubee

    Mine did not come with batteries included so, a stop in W’mart and $3 later at least it works and my wife is happy with it.

  13. Teresa Moss

    My 2 year old granddaughter loves this present she got for Christmas. It reads her 3 of her favorite nursery rhymes. She has no problem starting it, and loves to sing along.

  14. Rayna S.

    Loved it

  15. NESTOR

    Me gusto se lo regale a mi sobrina pero me gusta mucho …

  16. Donna Marshall

    My little girl loves music and Cuddle Barn sing along Sydney is great. she loves the songs.

  17. Ashley smith

    This was the perfect gift for my 2 year old niece!

  18. AS

    Work great for 2 days and then stopped working correctly. It was making a weird noise. I thought it was the batteries and switched but didn’t help. Returned for refund.

  19. kholoud

     I never wroght a review but this time i have to because its the second time i buy from the same company and the toy moves without sound. i am really ungry and i wish i didn’t waist my money to buy it.

  20. adriannleigh717

    Have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. It was a Christmas gift and here we are in May with it sitting on the counter because it can’t be put away. Because there no point. They both LOVE it. We got this one, the goose and the dragon.All they did for DAYS after Christmas was some along with them and listen to nursery rhymes and fairytales. If they’re never played with them again, that first week would’ve been enough for me to feel like it was money well spent. But they play with them constantly and it’s been MONTHS. So worth it.

  21. Beverly McBeth

    Great grandchildren. The 3 year old responded eagerly and kept singing “Row, row, row your boat. His 13 month old sister was also excited but doesn’t sing yet.

  22. Bianca Hayes

    My Boss wanted me to buy this for her granddaughter. when she gave this to her granddaughter she cried for literally three hours. I know this because he granddaughter was here at the office.. Don’t buy this.

  23. Amazon Customer

    This elephant is a winner! Very sweet sound and lasts a good few minutes.Head moves in a realistic way, and mouth moves while singing.I gave it 5 stars because it really is all around a nice product.ONE PROBLEM, easy fix if you can sew a stitch or two!!The yellow song book is large and blocks the moving mouth and too much of the elephants face.I snipped one side off one hand, and sewed it to the other hand so it looks like he is holding the book rather than have it wide open…, it is still open enough to see the insides. *The image is not correct with the book down low in his lap, mine came with the book in his face.

  24. Carol Fritze

    my great granddaughter was thrilled to receive this as a Christmas gift; very hugable and stories kept her attention.

  25. The Sound Refinery

    Stuck on the first story. How many times can a 3 year old listen to Hansel and Gretel? Alot! I’d like to hear the other stories too. The kids like to stick their fingers in it’s mouth while it talks.

  26. She Eagle

    My grandson loves this. It was a present for his 1st birthday.

  27. Amazon Customer

    my daughter love this talking elephant

  28. Gia

    Love Sydney! However, when I unwrapped him, the plastic activation tab was missing and the switch was in the on position. I tried to loosen the tiny screw to replace the batteries, but that screw would not move. A machine must have tighten down the plastic door screws. Long and Short, Sydney doesn’t work. Can I request a return and replacement? My grandson loves his elephants. Please let me know. Thank you very much. Janis M. Wilson,

  29. Margaret Pete

    Baby liked it

  30. carolyn valois

    My granddaughter is 4 and loves these singing animals. She was so happy Christmas Day. This just doesn’t play and 20 second message, it sing 5 or 6 short songs. Well worth the money!

  31. ladybrittain

    My little grandson loves this elephant. He tries to sing with it and he is just 3 months! His eyes light up and he smiles and then the baby singing starts. LOL I am so glad I purchased this, it was the best gift I could have given him.

  32. Jessica H

    Came in a plastic bag, pressed foot to play but it didn’t work so I opened up the battery compartment. I found 3 batteries of different brands. It makes me feel like someone returned it and then they resold it to me which is kind of gross for a stuffed animal.

  33. Bob Palmer

    See above

  34. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful singing elephant. A little bit on the expensive side but made our kids get excited.Will recommend.

  35. Michelle Powers

    Our niece absolutely loves it

  36. Brad Johnson

    Really like it

  37. Helen

    This elephant is well made,soft,good quality and sound.She sings 5 nursery rhymes. The elephant is a excellent toy for boys or girls. I love this toy,it’s made by cuddle barn. Suitable for newborn! Thanks Amazon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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