Clifford Standing, Large

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Weight 13.6 oz, Dimensions 7 × 11 × 5 in * Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (IN) 16″ Long SIZE (CM) (41 cm) Stuffed Toy SIZE Medium WASHING: SURFACE Collection: Clifford

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Clifford Standing, Large.

70 reviews for Clifford Standing, Large

  1. Amazon Customer

    I expected it to be 16”. It was only 11” nose to tail. MAYBE if you pull and stretch out the tail it’s 16” but you’d think 16” means 16” standing how it is in the picture. Good quality though.

  2. Shmaycon

    As described.

  3. Rebecca

    At first, I thought this was great quality. But I’ve had to sew this toy back together many times in just a few months of owning it, and my kids are not rough with it at all. And I’m not talking a minor stitch here or there, I’m talking the whole back seam opening all the way and ears coming off. My older daughter has a different stuffed Clifford from an old Kohl’s Cares collection which she sleeps with every single night, takes to daycare and generally does not let go of, and which has been washed in the laundry countless times, and it has never needed a sew repair, and was only $5 originally. So this Clifford is nice, but quality is poor as I shouldn’t need to repair it constantly, esp having a similar toy to compare it to. I wish Kohl’s still had the $5 Clifford, because i would have just bought a second instead of this one. There are very few Clifford options, though.

  4. Millie

    I was a little disappointed in the size. I thought it would be 16″ high. It is only 12″ high and 15.5″ from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. The quality is good and I’m sure my granddaughter will love it.

  5. kipling swehla

    I bought this for my 18 month old daughter just before leaving the house for the day. 2 hours later my wife sent a photo and my daughter was cuddled up with it. She’s had it over a year and it’s still her favorite.

  6. ankitkat

    worth every penny. Really nice material and liked big white Eyes. My two year son has another one that is lying down, but now he loves this Big Red Dog. He always keeps it with him while sleeping, eating or swinging in the park.

  7. Patricia Leazenby

    My son loves Clifford. I got this as a gift for him. He still cuddles it!

  8. Kevin

    my son wanted a stuffed Clifford. was unable to find one in stores. When I ordered this one it looked nice. The quality is very good.

  9. Sandy R.

    Nice little stuffed animal.

  10. DT

    This dog is perfection right down to his collar that reads, “Clifford.” My 6 year old son requested a Clifford dog and this is what we purchased for him. He was very excited to see him on Christmas morning. He hasn’t put him down for months. My son sleeps with him nighty. He also totes him everywhere. He’s the perfect size to fit under a 6 year olds arm.This plush is well constructed. He’s been launched across the room by his tail numerous times and has held up. He’s frequently carried by his limbs, ears, head, and tail and there are no holes or weak spots beginning to form. He’s as sturdy as can be.Great plush for all Clifford fans!

  11. leighalee

    My two year old granddaughter has not put him down since she got him. Soft and well made! Perfect size for 5 and under, not to big but more importantly not to small either.

  12. Mike

    like the other review says, This clifford was not 16″ and much smaller then expected. But still cute

  13. Dennis Zuern

    my dog lovers her new toys plays with it a;; the time

  14. Nicole Jensen

    PERFECT size and soooo soft. My 2 year old son loves Clifford. This was a great gift along with a collection of Clifford books. Timely arrival as well.

  15. Jorge Lopez

    My son Loves it!!! Great quality and stands up on all fours.

  16. Linda B

    My grandson watches the Clifford cartoons on tv, I bought a Clifford book, and now I bought the plush toy. I know he will love it for Christmas.

  17. Patricia Heinzmann

    Very good quality!

  18. Barb B

    Love my new big Clifford – He really deservs at least 7 Staes

  19. Rebecca

    My three year old wanted a Clifford for her birthday. I was worried about getting one that was too small. This one is perfect. I it still cuddly even when standing. Perfect to curl up in bed with. Very happy with quality and purchase.

  20. Fox

    Very cute, I got this for my grandson-a big Clifford fan. He is very cute and adorable.

  21. Pen Name

    Love it! Was the right size and the right color. We love Clifford 🙂

  22. Adam Mack

    Perfect gift

  23. Wanda Roman


  24. GMan17

    My two and a half year old loves it!

  25. April

    Got this as a Christmas gift for my 3 year old niece who is currently obsessed with Clifford. She loved it and still plays with it 6 months later. Holding up well to a toddler’s abuse, soft, durable, decently sized. Seems a bit high priced for a stuffed animal but it made my niece happy, so that’s worth it.

  26. Taylor

    It is a very sturdy and beautiful. It can stand up on its own and my son loves it

  27. Thomas k.

    Very soft and stands good

  28. heather420723

    Super soft and cuddly. My 2 year old loves him. However I was under the impression that the dog was going to be 16in TALL. It was not. Although it is 16in from nose to tail. Still a great purchase for any Clifford lovers.

  29. Barbara Baehr

    The Clifford stuffed animal was exactly what I expected.

  30. Maggie

    My 2 year old grandson loved the old Clifford books I had from the days his daddy was a boy, so I ordered this Clifford plush toy. It is the perfect size and looks just like the dog in the books. My grandson loves it. Very soft, stands in its own, good quality!

  31. Turtle

    Very nice. This was a replacement Clifford for my 2 1/2 year old grandson.

  32. Chelle Destefano

    This adorable medium sized Clifford stands just perfectly well without collapsing at all. It is very well made, good quality and the material is just so beautiful and plush, soft and cuddly. I’m a 40 year old but I wanted this for my home and is a good art muse too. This is not only for kids but also for adults too, fun and something to cuddle and put in your home. The red gives a nice splash of colour to a home that may be of a few colours. I have to apologise for 4 stars, but I too was sent the 12 inche sized one when it said 16 inches! I don’t like misleading advertising/descriptions. Still love the Clifford plush toy.

  33. Doris Hale

    Purchased this for my Grandson for his birthday along with Clifford books. I purchased the larger one and paid more but I received the smaller one. I was really upset I didn’t get the one I paid for. I didn’t have time to return it and wait for the right one to be shipped – was afraid I would get the smaller one again — Gave it to my grandson for his birthday and told him we could return it for the bigger one and he told me no this one was perfect. Guess it was my mistake because he is perfectly happy with the one sent.

  34. Shay Smith

    Was a gift for my nephew and he loved it! Was so glad I got it!

  35. derek

    this thing was a good gift to give my girlfriend’s daughter she loves clifford and this thing made for a good gift

  36. Martha

    Large Clifford toy, and a great deal for the price.

  37. Deanna Walraven

    This Clifford is adorable and much better than I thought it would be.

  38. cammonro

    He’s a great stuffed animal. FYI the measurement of 16″ is only if you push the tail down

  39. Joyce R.

    beautifully made stuffed dog – but I wish it had truly been a “cuddle toy” – not soft and cuddly. I guess I should have looked for”floppy and snuggly”.

  40. PD

    Just awesome…. my 4 year old is a big fan of Clifford the big red dog…. and he is super happy and excited to get his dog….. very happy with this purchase….

  41. Monica

    I bought this for my first great grandchild as he loves to watch Clifford on TV. It is just the right size for him as he is not yet a year old. It must be the bright red that attracts his attention as he loves to reach for it and hold it.

  42. Stacia M. Barnhart

    This was supposed to be 16″ which is why I paid the higher price!! It was a very small 12″! Very disappointed.

  43. Deloers Bryan

    Grandson loves the big red dog I give it a five star

  44. Nadja

    Just like described and great quality!

  45. Comprehensive Reviews by Tammy

    Great quality!

  46. Peter

    grandson’s new best friend

  47. PrincessMcstuffins

    My three year old had a Clifford themed birthday party and we used this as part of the decorations! She loved it! The size is large for a three year old, very soft and great quality.

  48. Bethie

    My 3 year old son is in love with this Clifford toy. The stuffed animal seems very well made and I am very happy with it.

  49. Eric Hedgecoth

    My grandson loved this.

  50. Jessica Stafford

    My 3 year old nephew loves Clifford and he won’t put this stuffed animal down. He even sleeps with it.

  51. Verute M Peterson

    my grand daughter loves her Clifford, she is 2 1/2 I like it because he is very soft and cuddly. he is without a doubt her most favourite sleeping companion


    grand kids happy

  53. David N., Seidman


  54. R. Estrada

    This was a baby shower gift. They loved him!

  55. Marilyn

    I bought this dog for my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter for Christmas and she loves it. She has another smaller one that is lying down but this one is SO soft and cute with all the details like the collar with his name on it. I would purchase this dog again for another child. Very satisfied.

  56. sandy

    I paid extra money for a 16″ dog and received a 12″. Apparently I am not alone. False advertising!

  57. Robin MS

    My son loves it and snuggles with it every night! He is soft but yet sturdy enough that will stand on all fours.

  58. Jeanne.

    Super soft but not nearly as big as we expected it to be…

  59. Ryan A. Schwantes

    Overall I’m pleased with the product however the description is not accurate. The description states the stuffed animal isb16″ long and it’s not. It’s only 12″ long. I ordered this one specifically because it stated it was larger than the other ones that looked similar but we’re only 12″ so I ordered the one that was seemingly larger BUT it was not larger so I feel it’s a bit decieving. Other vendors that sell the same one list it at 12″ and they are slightly less money so I feel the vendor listed this one at 16″ and charged a bit more because it listed it larger and that’s not accurate. In any case it’s a cute stuffed animal and the quality is really good as well. The product itself is a 5 star but my overall experience is a 4 because of the misleading description.

  60. Roger Or Shelly Quail

    Ordered for my great grandson and he loves it. Clifford goes to bed with him every night. Just the right size for him to carry around.

  61. Ann Mitchell

    love it very much awesome

  62. Greg Beckway

    Since it’s called standing Clifford, one might actually expect it to stand. That’s not the case because it’s front legs aren’t stiff enough too support it.

  63. Elizabeth

    Got this toy for my niece. She loves it. Great for two year olds that enjoy reading Clifford books. Durable and big!

  64. Marc

    my daughter loves her clifford

  65. Axel V.

    Bought this for our 2 year old girl who loves Clifford. We can barely separate her from it. The smiles and laughs are very very work it! Great memories!

  66. Felicia wright

    Love it

  67. Erin

    At first I was pretty skeptical of the price for this stuffed animal, especially since the 16 inch one is still not that tall. However, it feels really, really well made and soft. I kind of want to hug it and pet it myself, not only bc it’s so soft, but especially after seeing how much my Clifford loving 3 year old adores it. It is her new go-to comfort object at naps, night, and most of the day in between.

  68. KAH09

    Who doesn’t love the sweet red dog?! Love this purchase!

  69. AmazonJunkie

    Cute dog. Looks well made. I just wish it wasn’t so stiff- I wish it was more comfortable for snuggling.

  70. Pooch

    Really well made toy. It’s a hit.

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