Gerry Giraffe – Jungle & Safari Stuffed Animal by Cuddle Barn (4974)

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What a cute way to show someone how much their love means to you! Press a button and watch as this adorable plush sings Your Love Lifts Me Higher. His mouth moves in sync with the lyrics, too. Includes 3 AA batteries. Neck grows from 11 to 16 inches.

70 reviews for Gerry Giraffe – Jungle & Safari Stuffed Animal by Cuddle Barn (4974)

  1. Sonia McClung

    We love our singing giraffe! We bought it especially for our Down’s syndrome daughter who loves music. She sings along with the giraffe. She loves singing animals. It helps her speech. ❤️

  2. Carolyn Barsky

    Sent to my niece for her 2ndbirthday she loved it. The music was great

  3. diane

    Adorable! I haven’t even gifted it yet, but have enjoyed it immensely!


    I purchased Gerry fir my great granddaughter for Christmas and she was very happy with the toy. She liked it’s uniqueness and very happy song.

  5. amazongrl

    Purchased for my mom as present. She luvs it.

  6. Shelly


  7. Amazon Customer


  8. Michele Peters

    Good sound and neck movement

  9. Carol Austin

    Got this for my 90 year old mom. She totally loves it. She has the biggest smile on her face when it sings🤗She has Alheimer’s

  10. P. Verlander

    A cute addition to my collection. Always looking for something a little different. Sound is very good.

  11. christy

    Fun gift for a Christmas present.

  12. Amazon Customer

    bought this for my 81 yr old mother. she loves it. listens to it every day.

  13. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this as a x-mas gift for my 1 year old grandson who absolutely loved it. He cuddled with it during quiet times and danced to it for fun. He had no problem figuring out how to play the music continually. Excellent gift!

  14. FLAtRich

    Bought one for my 91 year old mother for Mother’s Day. She has a collection of plush singing toys. She adored it, even though I doubt she knew who Jackie Wilson was (and it does appear to be Jackie dubbing his hit for Gerry.)Cute and worked right out of the box, batteries included.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with item!

  16. Beach Reader

    My 87 year old mother loves this thing! I took her shopping one day and the store had an entire display of Cuddle Barn animals. Mom pushed each one and listened to the songs and she kept coming back to this one. The poor clerk at the store was obviously annoyed by the noise and then Mom walked out without purchasing one because she “just couldn’t pick one”. I got this for her Valentine’s gift and she adores it. She’s face timed everyone in the family to play it for them and she even took it to the salon to show it to her hairdresser because Mom’s sure she’ll want to get one for her grandkids. Now I’m purchasing another one for her friend’s grandchild that just finished chemo because she knows it will make her smile! It is absolutely hilarious how much my Mom loves this thing!

  17. NoPenName

    I’m buying another 🙂

  18. Christina

    Love this lil guy! My lil boy is autistic and this became his best friend, he is absolutely adorable and makes my little boy so happy!!!

  19. Matt & Rachel

    First one we received had a broken neck. The second ones leg is falling off. I’d give it 1 star but my 1yo loves it

  20. Annie Doodle

    So much fun. Was a hit at my white elephant exchange.

  21. Susan C. Shea

    Liked it.

  22. Sophie

    Our grandkids loved watching the giraffe’s neck grow up and down to the music

  23. Luvnbirds1

    Gave this as a gift !! It was very much appreciated!!!

  24. Linda B.

    The school children loved this toy .

  25. Dennis H.

    Adorable, hilarious, fun gift.

  26. Linda Sullivan

    I sent to sibling who is in hospital as a “pick me up”. The song is fun and the giraffe really cute. Unfortunately, the giraffe was broken. The next did not move up and down as the song played. The head and neck just slumped over while song played. Very disappointing. Must figure out way to return item.

  27. sbbwcg

    Adorable. A friend bought one after seeing it.

  28. Broomist

    Cute. Junk, but cute.

  29. Sonya

    This was a big hit in my home on Christmas day! I have actually bought two of these, they are so precious!

  30. Teresa Edwards

    Too cute for words, love this! Going in my collection !

  31. robert j lucas

    Great Valentine’s Day present.

  32. C

    This was not so great! The child is horrified of this toy! It is basically the creepy clown affect for him… But the parents get a good laugh!

  33. Boscraft

    I just love that the head moves up and down. My son loves it.

  34. Carla Prescott

    Let’s just say I had to replace the batteries before I wrapped it up for Christmas because I played with it so much! Will definitely make you smile and I can’t wait to play with it with my GBaby!

  35. LuLu

    This was one of the cutest things I’ve seen! I got it for my husband for Valentine’s day and he loved it. He laughed through the whole song.

  36. Jeannie W.


  37. Francis D Walker

    It goes up and down and sings as advertised. I suggest putting a Pandora Bracelet on it and let it rip…

  38. jmcjh

    Absolutely our favorite animated plush! So cute!

  39. La Caribena travel corp

    Super. Exelente

  40. Amazon Customer

    It’s cute and i bought this for my wife for vday

  41. Laura Lynn Lancaster

    Batteries were bad and corroded. Does not work.

  42. Brent Selhorst

    This was sooooo cute!

  43. Nina

    Love everything about Gerry! <3 Made well and performs well with the added touch of moving mouth to match the tune! <3

  44. LaDonna Butler

    This is so cute, my granddaughter loves it.

  45. Starfleet Dad

    This is the bomb! For our first Valentine’s day together, I got my wife a dancing Dragon that sang, “she drives me crazy.”She loved the “animation.”Giraffes are her favorite animal and when I saw this, I took a chance.The animation of the neck rising up and down with the music is hilarious.She kept it by her side of the bed for weeks and played it every morning and evening.She finally put it away when she caught me pricing “big game plush toy rifles.”

  46. Amazon Customer

    Got this for my mom for mom day she got the biggest kick out of it!

  47. theNOPPER

    Very adorable. Moved slower than I thought but very very awesome

  48. Taylor Grimm

    Got this as a gift for my girlfriend. Not the most romantic thing I could’ve gotten her, but she thought it was pretty funny. Everyone we’ve shown gets a real kick out of it. I definitely recommend.

  49. Lynn in Tucson

    This was a birthday gift and it was a BIG hit. Everyone at the party played with it! The youngest person there was 62 so don’t think things are only for the “kids”. LAUGHTER IS GREAT

  50. Ian Bergman

    Too cute..My granddaughter loves it

  51. Bonnie Doolittle

    i love it. This was a gift and it went over big. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great gift.

  52. Armond & Brenda Walker

    Very Plush and soft, Love the unit. Cute and adorable and sizable.

  53. Vera Kramer

    Love it! Fast delivery!!!

  54. Connie J. Mays

    I bought this as a Valentine’s gift for my husband. Her neck stretches up and down as her lips move to sing “Your love has lifted me higher”. The sound is clear and Gerry is so cute.

  55. Joan Bethke

    My 8 year old granddaughter just loves this. It is really cute. He sings and his head bobs up an down.

  56. Amazon Customer

    Great Christmas gift for a handicapped child.

  57. BeYouTful

    This is adorable. My teenage daughter who loves giraffes just loved it! And the song is just so cute!!

  58. Lani Ghirarduzzi

    This little guy is great!!!!! So adorable! Everyone one has seen it falls in love instantly and want to know where I got it.

  59. redmansam

    Great present for granddaughter’s first birthday. Appreciate that it came with batteries–thanks.

  60. Avid Book Lover

    This cute and entertaining item is exactly as shown in the Amazon video. The singing is loud and clear and the giraffe’s neck goes up and down in a reliable, humorous manner. I sent this to my sister-in-law to cheer her up while she was in the hospital, and Gerry the Giraffe was so popular that nurses and staff kept coming in all day long to see it sing in her room. He’s very unique from other singing toys on the market. Great quality and a good price. I’d buy another in a heartbeat as a gift for family, friends or colleagues. He’s just lovable!

  61. Alicia

    Absolutely adorable and entertaining.

  62. CW

    Absolutely adorable, she had so much fun playing with it …..highly recommend it for your grandchildren or small children !

  63. Connie McNeill

    Bought this as a gift for a friend who collects giraffes. Not stuffed animal giraffes, normally, but this guy is so cheery and fun that she loves it even though it is not strictly a collectible.

  64. Katherine Willetts

    My 88 year young mom has had a Bulldog dressed in leather that sings The Gambler for years. Unfortunately he quit working so I found her Gerry. Gerry is so cute and sings the entire song as his neck lifts hire & hire as the song plays!

  65. All lives matter!

    Cute gift to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

  66. Leslie G.

    I loved this musical plush toy and am pleased that I bought him. He made us all laugh.


    I purchased this for a doctor that was leaving our clinic and she loved it. It is very cute and will put a smile on your face

  68. Esty

    What a riot! So charming! Made well and you will smile just looking at it, without it working,!

  69. Suzanne M. McCord

    You just can’t help but smile when it sings! The whole family loves this little giraffe!

  70. Avonne Burkholder

    Very cute

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