Inis the Energy of the Sea Revitalizing Body Lotion 16.9 Fluid Ounce (16.9 Fl Oz)

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Size : 16.9 Fl Oz

Inis the Energy of the Sea revitalizing body lotion from Fragrances of Ireland is enriched with deep moisturizing shea butter and with seaweed extracts containing vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that can help nourish the skin. Smooth on after a bath or shower to seal in moisture and leave skin smoothed and scented with Inis Energy of the Sea, the sparkling scent that invigorates and refreshes. Inspired by the beauty and energy of the western coast of Ireland, the sparkling scent of Inis invigorates and brings a feeling of happiness. Many people say it makes them feel close to the sea–no matter where they are. Inis the Energy of the Sea is the signature scent of Fragrances of Ireland, a boutique perfumery based in County Wicklow, Ireland. For over thirty years, Fragrances of Ireland has been creating perfumes and toiletries inspired by the magic, beauty, and nature of Ireland.

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16.9 Fl Oz

60 reviews for Inis the Energy of the Sea Revitalizing Body Lotion 16.9 Fluid Ounce (16.9 Fl Oz)

  1. Marie K.

    I absolutely LOVE this fragrance!! This is my birthday gift to myself!! Got the delayed shipping from Amazon (not worth the hassle!)and was disappointed when it arrived, the lotion pump doesn’t work :'( But, I’m so glad to have more lotion, I’m using it without the pump!! Waited too long to not enjoy this frisp, fresh scent from Ireland♡

  2. Judy Pickens Montgomery

    This is so luxurious and the smell is heavenly. Light and long lasting.

  3. barb alexander

    Love this product and I’ve ordered it twice now. The lotion is nice and the scent is perfect. I first tried this in Ireland and just loved how it isn’t too strong yet fresh

  4. K

    This lotion is amazing! It helps with sunburns, eczema, and just plain itchy dry skin! It doesn’t leave a thick film on your skin. Plain nice!

  5. mmcgee2705

    My husband and I favorite scent!! So fresh and moisturizing! I’m glad it comes in this big pump!

  6. Sherry

    Love this fragrance – light and soft – I keep one on my desk at home and one on my desk at work – ladies in the office are now borrowing my lotion 🙂

  7. P & A Woods

    I didn’t know what the other reviewers were talking about when they said this lotion smells like Ireland. Unfortunately, I still don’t know what they were referencing. I’ve been to Ireland, and I’m afraid it smelled nothing like this lotion. The scent is super strong, and it reminds me most of an Ocean Breeze or Sea Breeze-type candle or bath product you would get from Bath And Body Works.

  8. Suzanne R. Bailey

    I had bought this fragrance about 5 years ago and used it sparingly as I didn’t think to look on line. This is so refreshing and real that when you close your eyes you can imagine being at the ocean. I bought the lotion and 1 body wash for my daughter.

  9. Fernando

    Excelente Producto con un aroma cautivante

  10. Jean Lande

    Love Innis products. I was first introduced to them Ireland. I was thrilled when I found them on Amazon!

  11. CB, a Musician

    I discovered this in Ireland on my trip in early May and found it on Amazon which was a wonderful discovery. I don’t ever plan to be without it. So refreshing…

  12. Rita Nobile

    Every time I wear this I get many compliments. VERY fresh smell. I LOVE IT!!

  13. mel1972

    I fell in love with this scent when a coworker came in wearing it. It is just so pretty, she purchased her lotion on one of her many trips to Ireland. So ofcourse I found it on one of my favorite places to shop Amazon, for a very comparable price. I am very happy this is available to purchase, because I cannot afford to travel to Ireland right now to get a bottle.

  14. Kesy Morgan

    I love the scent and the way it makes my skin feel. I rub one pump on each leg and even in the late afternoon, I can still feel the smoothness from the moisture that it retains on them. My skin defintely has a smooth, rich, healthy glow all day long. My only issues is that at the end of the bottle you can’t get every bit out easily. New container would be soooo nice! 😉

  15. Kindle Customer

    I love the scent of this lotion, and the scent last.

  16. Shawn Stephens

    My wife and I first came across this product while visiting Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. She really loved it, but we could only buy a small bottle for our carry-on luggage. After being home for several months and wondering what to get her for her birthday, I found it here! She was very excited to get this. The fragrance is light and fresh. And I think it smells good. Highly recommended.

  17. Suzann M.

    Lovely subtle unisex fragrence! I get more compliments on this fragrance than any I have worn before. So subtle that even people who do not like fragrance admire it.

  18. One_HotChili

    I have been searching for years for a lotion with this smell! I used to purchase a similar product through VitaSpa years ago until they stopped making it. The smell was incredible and reminded me of the ocean. Just recently on vacation, I ran across this lotion and had to purchase it! It had almost the same smell as my old favorite! The smell is just one of those smells that you fall in love with. It isn’t overpowering and usually fades away by the end of the day. But the lotion itself is fantastic! Rich and creamy and absorbs very well. I am so happy Amazon is selling this and INIS is making this! 🙂

  19. MusicLover

    I love the scent of this product so much! Also very good lotion – skin is well hydrated and lasts a long time

  20. Amazon Customer

    Found this gem at a Duty Free shop in the Bahamas many years ago. Loved the scent so much that I found it for purchase online and have had a bottle at home ever since. You can buy it on Amazon with Prime delivery or directly from the manufacturer which takes longer for shipping. The scent itself is fresh and happy and beautifully captures the essence. I always get so many compliments when wearing it and the scent is long lasting. My husband also loves the scent which promotes cuddling. LOL! The lotion is an excellent moisturizer and has become a staple in my home as my daily moisturizer. Also works great to moisturize hands with frequent washing. Even with all of this use, the 16 oz bottle is long lasting and can last 4 to 6 months for me depending on the season. Finally, I tried the perfume spray. Didn’t care for it as it was overkill and smelled a bit too masculine for my taste. Completely different from the lotion. Can’t say enough about the lotion and know many people who now have also become addicted. Enjoy!!!

  21. BJF

    I love this lotion. It smells divine and really softens my very dry skin. Before I used this lotion my skin was so very dry and itchy. Now it is so soft. I am 70 and I won’t use anything else on my skin. Such a great product.

  22. barb alexander

    Love this fragrance and this lotion is wonderful. Came fast and was exactly what I wanted. Brings back memories of Ireland and I highly recommend this lotion

  23. SammyD

    Love the scent. Re.inds me of the ocean and feels “blue”. However the scent fades much too quickly. It is fresh and very clean. I just wish scent lasted longer.

  24. L. Payne

    Omg, this lotion smells and feels amazing. Smells very clean and a bit international. Very smooth and a scent you will remember.

  25. L. G. Lewis

    I’ve been using Inis since I discovered it in Ireland in 2009 and just love the scent. It is strong, hence I use the lotion without any other scent and it lingers beautifully. I can’t count how many compliments I’ve had.Like others, I recommend that the makers investigate their pump more closely because it took me a while to get it working – to an extent. Of course this isn’t a huge problem because the lid still comes off and one can use the stem of the pump as a ‘dip stick’ – I’ve had to do this with other pump dispensers, but it is definitely a nuisance.To be perfectly clear, I really love the lotion and its scent, but the dispenser leaves a bit to be desired.

  26. M. Beth Van Ven

    I just love this scent! I first learned about this fragrance while visiting Turks and Caicos!! The only issue I had was trying to get the pump to release and ended up having to take the whole thing apart to get it to work. Bad packaging but wonderful product!

  27. deb nusbaumer

    My friend and I both bought a large bottle.. the pump does not work on either bottle.. love the lotion but the bottle is junk

  28. Pam S

    Loved the consistency of the fragrance and the moisturizing effect on my body. The same as the Hand Lotion. I love it!!!

  29. Sharon Heller

    People think I’m wearing perfume, but it’s just scented lotion. I LOVE this scent and it’s great for moisturizing.

  30. Jody

    The scent last about half hour and it’s gone. Moisturizing is great and last.

  31. Bridgett Siter

    I discovered this scent on a trip to Key West, and it may be my favorite of all time. I was thrilled to find it available online, and I’ve kept it in stock at home. I ordered some for all my girls’ Christmas stockings this year – a big hit!

  32. baseballnan

    this is a lovely thick lotion that goes on nicely and absorbs quickly. Love the fragrance–very fresh, a bit citrus. But…..the pump does not work at all. I will transfer this wonderful lotion into another container but not pleased w/ a malfunctioning pump.

  33. Fallen Angel

    Inis has the most beautiful subtle refreshing scent! I fell in love with it when my Son gave it to me as a gift and had to have more! It is not too sweet, and has an essence of the ocean to it. Very hard to describe. Not overpowering at all. My favorite now!

  34. Dawn

    I found this fragrance when visiting Ireland and in need of a good lotion. I was given some samples of the Inis lotion and loved the smell. Found the perfume and purchased it. Was so excited that I was able to purchase it outside of Ireland. A beautiful scent and very rich lotion.

  35. Susan

    This lotion is great. It has a light airy scent that is great. It moisturizes without being too heavy or sticky.

  36. Mary Beth Sharpe

    The tones, undertones and notes of this scent are truly intoxicating. It arrived two days early! I put it on as soon as I got it and could NOT stop smelling my own arms. I’m sure I looked crazy walking around doing that but we’re in quarantine so who cares. Lol My family even loves the way it smells. It is totally worth the price. The bottle is HUGE and the scent lasted all night. I’ll be buying more for sure!!! Buy it! You won’t regret it!

  37. Mrs. G

    The lotion is the first purchase of this brand. I really like the fragrance and want to try the perfume but I feel it’s quite over priced.

  38. K. Coley

    I also found this fragrance on a recent trip to Ireland. I had been around several people who were wearing this scent but until I visited the Blarney Woolen Mills in Ireland and checked through the different scents I was so happy to find the exact one. This is a clean fragrance and I will also use it as my main lotion, body wash and perfume. I was so please to find it on Amazon when I returned.

  39. Karli

    My favorite lotion, smells soooooooooooo good!

  40. Carolyn Kuzio

    I was standing in line at Kaiser Permanente and the person behind me wanted to know what fragrance I was wearing because it was so clean smelling. She was surprised to know it was a lotion. The receptionist made a comment about it also. It is not overpowering but the fragrance does last quite a long time. Love it.

  41. Nanci

    I bought this for my mom and she absolutely loves it. Finally graduated to purchasing the larger size. Great value. Rich lotion that really lasts.

  42. Robin Wilde

    Not sure shy, smells great but beat up my skin immediately. DRY

  43. Rhea

    An old co worker had this and it smelt so amazing. I finally ordered one for me and so worth the money! TheThis stuff is amazing.

  44. Sany123

    OH WOW! What a wonderful lotion!! It soaks into my skin so easily-no greasy or oily feeling, just pure moisture. And the fragrance isn’t overwhelmingly strong, but so wonderful! It is one of the best lotions I’ve ever used, and I have used ALOT.

  45. Susan TreDenick

    I love this fragrance I’m thrilled that I can now get a GIANT bottle of the lotion. i’m sure I will be ordering another bottle before the year is out. I also purchased the bar of soap and another bottle of perfume spray.

  46. amby

    It feels great going on, and smells wonderful and clean. Go to fragrance for sleep, and for days I don’t wear perfume

  47. Tracy Wentz

    I had bought some Inis roll on at a boutique and loved it so much that I searched for this online and luckily Amazon had it! I have gotten so many compliments on this scent. The lotion is light and the scent smells so clean. I love it!

  48. MGF

    I purchased this lotion in late November after discovering it at an Irish craft fair. I love the scent and have received many compliments on it. I’ve been using it everyday for the past month and a half and still have about half of a bottle yet. It does seem to do a better job of moisturizing if you apply it right after coming out of the shower versus applying to dry skin. The scent does seem to last all day, though, which is nice.

  49. Adnerb127

    Absolutely will be purchasing this repeatedly. The scent is beautiful and the lotion is very moisturizing without feeling greasy. New favorite, to be sure!

  50. Amazon Customer

    I never write reviews but i had to write one regarding this product. Not only does it make your skin smooth and soft but the smell is out of this world. Whenever i have it on people always say I smell so good and want to know what it is. I am extremely picky and love this lotion so much I often buy 5 at a time. With this product and my Tom Ford perfumes that I mix there is never an occasion that someone does not come up to me asking me what I am wearing .

  51. Jon H

    A much better product than what you get at Target or Walmart. Most moisturizers make me feel wet or linger long after applying. This product hydrates my skin and doesn’t make me wait to put pants on afterwards.

  52. Canton Bleu

    I ran across this fragrance while I was on vacation but did not buy it. I kept thinking about it and ordered it from Amazon. I think it is a calming and refreshing fragrance. It’s more money than I would ever spend on any lotion but it was a nice gift to myself.

  53. brentitude

    Love the smell, but the pump doesn’t work at all. I would have bought the tube if I had known I wouldn’t be able to get anything out of this bottle. Sort it out, Inis, it doesn’t appear that I’m the only one with a bad pump.UPDATE: I was able to get the pump working by pumping it about 30 times. It finally ‘caught’ and the lotion came out. So maybe try that before giving up. The lotion is worth it.

  54. Amazon Customer

    I came across this item while traveling on vacation. I love the scent of it and was so glad that I could find it on Amazon.!! 🙂

  55. PoppyPetunia

    It is hard to describe a scent, but it is fresh and clean. I have heard it described as “the scent of Ireland”. Being a wee bit Irish, it is perfect for me. The lotion leaves my skin soft and smooth, while the perfume is gentle but lasting. If you know Inis, this is another way to wear it. I really like this product, and the price is good.

  56. Sandra Wingate

    Top of the pump was broken and unable to use. No information given to get in touch with company that sold it. Love the product but was broken in shipping.

  57. M. Marsh

    This cream is amazing. It rehydrates and softens skin effectively, but the smell is what makes it so wonderful. This is my second order of it, and I will order again. The prices are good, and this cream makes a wonderful gift as well. Speedy delivery; very good vendor.

  58. Amazon Customer

    Everyone in the house uses it! It’s the most amazing smell we’ve ever experienced!

  59. WSW

    My wife loves this product. Clean and light smelling lotion that reminds you of the beach in summer.

  60. Thomas Connell

    My wife loves this stuff. And this is a great value compared to other sources. Works great- great scent

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