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Cozy wrap neck warmers provide soothing warmth, comfort, and relaxation to all ages. All of Intelex’s soft toys are made in china using only the finest quality microwave safe materials. They only use the finest quality treated wheat grains, fragranced with the very best dried French lavender. As this product is fully microwavable, to heat simply place the product in a microwave oven according to the directions on the product to release the wonderfully relaxing lavender aroma. Intelex prides itself on the fully microwavable aspect of their products. As they manufacture products that are fully microwavable and do not require a removable inner wheat bag, it makes using Intelex products not only easier, but also safer too and reduces the risk of scalding. Ideal for use as a bed warmer to aid a restful night’s sleep, or simply as an adorable soft toy. These versatile products can also be used as a cold pack; simply place in a sealed freezer bag and place in the freezer for two to three hours. Ideal for reducing temperatures, easing sprains and bruises and reducing swelling. Take care when removing from the microwave oven. Do not ingest contents. Do not overheat. Reheat from room temperature only. For microwave use only.

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60 reviews for Intelex Cozy Therapeutic Wrap, Sheep

  1. Justin Hancock

    My daughter love to sleep with this.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I bought this cute sheep warmies because my hands get horribly cold, pale, and even hurt in the winter and when I am typing for a long time. Sticking the sheep wrap in the microwave for 1:30-2 minutes keeps it warm for a good long time and it’s so helpful and calming having it to hold and warm my cold hands, or to place around my neck. I really recommend it. I’ve never microwaved it for longer than 2 minutes and it’s never gotten wet so I have never experienced any bad odors, just the pleasant hint of lavender (also I keep my microwave as clean as possible).

  3. Bridget Peraza

    I purchased this for my daughter she was so excited when she open the package. Put into the microwave for the first time and the seam on the left side came completely open the insides fell out. Seems to be a faulty sewing

  4. A

    Mr. Lambert is amazing. Without the lavender smell and ability to retain heat he would be a great stuffed animal, but those features put him over the top. My daughter has the unicorn and both are high quality and adorable. They’re very soft, cute, and cuddly. The ability to microwave them and use them as a heating pad is so nice, and they have a stong lavender smell from the real natural lavender inside, not a fake chemical lavender scent, that comes out when heated.

  5. Gabrielle

    Scent is horrible but works really great!

  6. Israel Curtis

    ^^ basically what my girlfriend says every time she uses it. Warm feet = happy girlfriend

  7. Dawn Hamilton

    I received this product on Jan 5th and was pleased with it as it was cozy however didn’t seem to be long enough and then today, Feb 11th, a hole opened up at bottom and little beads starting falling out so I can’t use this anymore. I followed the directions, and apparently the return window expired. Very disappointed

  8. William S.

    The sheep is adorable but the best part is it really works! We thought the lavender was perfectly scented and the length is perfect around our neck. I have other heat wraps but this will be my favourite. The warmth is so soothing as it cuddles your neck. One of the best parts is that they have attached a tag to remind you of the heating times for various microwaves. I thought that was really wise because the paper wrap that came with could get misplaced and this will help prevent confusion. Perfect!

  9. Janet Praught

    This comforting little sheep is like a warm smelly hug on a cold winter night. She keeps me warm while watching tv and helps with painful muscles. I haven’t tried freezing her yet but I’m confident when summer arrives and the migraines that come with the hot humid air come with it, my smelly sheep will be a cool relief.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Love this little guy. So nice. The smell and feel is so comforting, and he stays warm pretty wrong. Great for the neck cramps I get sitting at a desk all day.

  11. R Seals

    This wrap is really cute! I’m a massage the therapist and I use it to prepare stiff necks for deep massage. It works fine but has two flaws. It’s not long enough to wrap around the entire neck without the client having to hold it. It could also use a little more stuffing because it cools of pretty fast. Still…it’s usable and very sweet. I usually heat it for 90 seconds in the microwave.

  12. Nicole Wallace

    The first time I used this, it was great. The second time I heated it up, I noticed a hole on the side and the grains proceeded to fall out. Extremely disappointed to say the least.

  13. Heather Cooper

    Update to my original review: I contacted Amazon customer services out the wrong item being sent, and they immediately sent me the correct item, next day. My husband loves the neck wrap, it smells amazing, and is super cuddly. This is perfect for our aches and pains, headaches, etc. It fits perfectly across the shoulders and around the neck. Maintains heat for approx 40 mins.Original review: This is not a neck wrap. This is a standard size warmie. Cute overall animal, but this isn’t what I ordered.

  14. TexasReview

    Arrived on time and is as described. I really like it for a sore neck in the morning/evening.

  15. Hammie owner

    Must have for anyone. Great for neck !! Good for cold night to warm up. Everyone in my family has one. Do NOt machine wash!!! I accidentally killed two by scooping them um in sheets to wash. They had to be thrown away.

  16. John

    Smells good. Works well. Dont overheat or you will burn holes in it 🙂 this is our second one… Good product.

  17. Emilynkin

    Super soft and smells great!

  18. HGarcia

    I bought this for my baby to lay over her at night for comfort and it really helped! It is very cute and soft too and smell so good.

  19. Hummingbird

    I bought this mostly for a visiting nephew so he could lay with the little lamb and watch TV or read a book. It’s also a added bonus that you can heat it up. I can also heat it up for myself and walk around with it on my neck and upper shoulders which will be very helpful to me. It’s soft and very cute too.

  20. Amazon Customer

    I absolutely love this thing. I pop it in the microwave for 90 secs and put it on where ever is hurting. I think it works better than a regular heating pad. It doesn’t get too hot and last about 30 mins to an hour.

  21. MsMelJill

    I got this for my chihuahua. He loves it. I don’t think 90 seconds is enough to warm it but I know what burnt lavender and the filler smells like so I adhere to the directions. It’s soft and adorable. For me I’d want something I could really heat up. This isn’t it.

  22. Yanick

    I really like this product! I was skeptical that it would just be cute and ineffective. But, after warming it in the microwave for 1 minute, it really relaxes my neck. I have very tense shoulders, and when i put this on, I immediately relax.

  23. vicki salyer

    First couple of times of usage was great. However, I microwaved it according to the directions and it burned a hole in the side and scorched the seed inside. I have contacted the company and they do not do returns, which I personally think is ridiculous. If I had to do it over, I would not buy this product, I would just save my money or buy elsewhere.

  24. JC

    I love my lamb! Just pop him in the microwave for 60 sec. and he’s good to go. Helps me some much with my fibromyalgia pain. Plus he’s super soft and cute. The only thing is don’t put your nose up to sniff it. Lavender right up the nose!

  25. Susan Souza

    Very cute child loves it

  26. Marcos A.

    I got this item as I have been researching heating pads, but I enjoyed the way that plush animals looked rather than fabric designs. The product was shipped in a timely manner and had all the instructions and warnings on it. It had helped me with my muscle cramps and even my nerve pain (to an extent). The warmth from heating in the microwave can last a long time depending on how often you move it around. I personally, am not a fan of the lavender scent/smell, I would like a non-scented version if I could find one. Overall a great purchase for my pain relief needs!

  27. Abby

    Love how plushy and cute it is! Smells amazing as it, and once you warm it, its even stronger. I like the weight of it too, kind of a nice therapy plushy. Good for cramps and stress! 🙂

  28. Katt

    I purchased the unicorn for my sister and the sheep for myself: Very soft and smells great. You can tell it’s real lavender which was important to me as we have sensitivities to artificial fragrances. This works as wonderfully as I expected; heats up and maintains decent warmth with the added benefit it’s cute and soft. I find the head portion nice for providing leverage over my shoulder so I can relax different areas of my neck/shoulders/back.

  29. Stevie ray Anderson

    Love it.

  30. April Underwood

    There is not a strong scent with this one. I like the sections being stitched. This helps keep the filling where it needs to me. The sheep is a cutie to be sure. I bought two, one for me and one to gift.

  31. Mazzle32

    I bought this item because I sometimes have neck spasms so this feels great. But this snowy, cold WI winter has got me frozen solid every night. So I warm this up and bring it to bed with me. With the lavender scent I fall asleep right away. Definitely does its job and then some! Great purchase!

  32. Matthew L Simpson

    My daughter loved this. She could wrap it over her neck and shoulders.

  33. Annie

    The lamb is so cute. Gets just warm enough in the microwave. Fits around the neck perfectly. Would buy again

  34. Patrick & Sarah

    We bought this item for our 5 year old who struggles with growing pains. After not even ten days of occasional use … we put the product in the microwave to heat with the recommended 60 seconds and it began to smolder and smoke at 45 seconds!! We had to take it out and hose it down in the sink before it burst into flames. Our entire house now smells like burnt fabric and our 5 year old is in tears 🤦🏻‍♀️ Im not sure if we just happened to get a defective one or if this is just a design flaw.

  35. Martha

    I’ve seen these in stores and they’re $40, this one is exactly the same and way cheaper! I highly recommend.

  36. Andrew

    We bought this for our 7 week old baby girl. She has gas and colic. This heating pad helped comfort her and put her to sleep easily. I love that we will be able to use it with her for years.

  37. Laura R

    Our 5 month old loves her sheep. We warm it up at 25 in the microwave & it lasts about an hour of warmth for her naps. I lay it next to her when I leave her from nursing & it’s been amazing. Great purchase. The smell was a little strong the first day or so but it goes away & it’s not horrible like other reviews say. Really great purchase, super happy with it.

  38. Britt Z

    It smells amazing and I love to use this thing. My mom loved it so much I had to order one for her.

  39. ron

    Helpful for stress and neck pain.

  40. A. Ben-Yehuda

    I have gotten chronic tension headaches since I was a small child due to a spinal deformity, so heat wraps are nothing new to me. The combination of heat wrap plus adorable fluffy lamb & soothing lavender is what sold me. I feel less cruddy when I’m in pain since this thing is just so cute. Recently my entire heating system in my apartment broke down, and cuddling up to this little lamb at night helped me get some sleep even when I was freezing.

  41. Carmia

    Surprisingly works better than my electric heating pad! It’s more comfortable. Unfortunately the lavender scent only lasts for the first two microwave sessions.

  42. Terraine

    So this was intended for me but I have to share with my dog now.. He likes it too. It fits around my neck nice and cozy and my dog finds a way to lay his head on it.

  43. Amazon Customer

    My SPD toddler loves it as a weighted lap toy. I love the smell, and it’s nice to heat up and put on my sore neck.

  44. Bridget

    I gave this to my daughter for Valentine’s Day. After only a handful of uses it burned in the microwave. DO NOT BUY THIS

  45. Tiffany J

    Every baby needs one. This sheep is the best thing my husband and I have every gotten my daughter. She cuddles it each night and can’t wait to snuggle with it. Hello sleep for baby and for mom and dad.

  46. Taylor Bowers

    Genuinely amazing product, even when I’m not using it I have it in bed next to me because the scent is so exhilarating!

  47. Jenna :)

    I absolutely love my little sheep. It is perfect to just warm up and relax, also great for heating sore muscles! Sooooo adorable in person and heats up in just 60 seconds! At first I didn’t think 60 seconds was enough but the heat really lasts for a while. I am already recommending this to friends and family and I’ve only had it for a day! Definitely would repurchase or gift to a loved one!

  48. Lori E

    This is very cute, but the smell made me sick to my stomach as soon as I opened the plastic bag. I didn’t even bother heating it. Also, beware, you can not return this, so I’m stuck with it until I sell it on Letgo.

  49. Christina Latimer

    I don’t care if I’m 20 years old, this thing is so cute. The fragrance and feel is comforting, and I like that it can be heated and cooled as well. It also keeps the heat for longer than other heat wraps I’ve used. I have chronic migraines so I like to drape it over my face to block out the light and it’s just very soothing.

  50. Sasan Raoufi

    I would everything about it if it was not for the overwhelming smell. It is so strong and the smell goes on hands and clothes. I can’t use it because it gives me a headache. If not for that the size and warmth and shape is perfect. I wish there was an unscented option.

  51. Christine

    Smells very peaceful and calming. Love this!

  52. debra M

    Teen granddaughter loves it! I hope it holds heat for awhile.

  53. Christina

    We picked up our pom puppy today, and I was worried about whining but she instantly loved this warming sheep! It’s helping her feel cozy and warm, she goes back to it to nap every time!

  54. rosanne marx

    You don’t have to be a kid to love these wraps! I received the gray kitty wrap years ago as a gift and wanted to re-order that specific wrap. It’s held up great construction-wise and still has the slightest scent of lavender. After so long, I simply figured it was time for a replacement. I use the wrap like an eye mask to block light while sleeping. I like the weight of it over my eyes as well as the subtle scent of lavender. The length is also perfect as it wraps around enough to keep my ears warm. My only wish is that the lamb had more of a tail. Odd as it sounds coming from a middle-aged woman, rolling the tail of the kitty between my fingers was relaxing and helped calm my over-active mind when falling asleep. (Since the kitty is no longer available, I purchased the lamb.)

  55. Pat the Cat Lover

    This truly keeps my hands warm when I read after going to bed, after placing in the microwave for the recommended time. My only reason for not rating this 5 star, is that the bottom part could be filled just a little more. It also has a lovable face!

  56. Smile Fan

    I was having issues with aching neck muscles whenever the temparature was the least bit chilly. Threw this in the microwave for a couple minutes and had relief for quite a while. I could drape it across the back of my neck and go to bed without concern of burnng myself or the house down – and no electrical cords to get tangled in. The scent was not so pleasant to me, but luckily it dissipated after a few months. Would have been 5 stars if not for the “lavender” scent. A little bit more length would be nice, too but this is for chidren and I am (mostly) an adult.

  57. Ally

    Love, love, love! Bought for myself and two family members. I warm but love that you can put in freezer also. Extremely satisfied, would recommend. Great product!!

  58. Kristen

    This is the best heating pad I have ever owned and it’s so cute.

  59. Tiffany Comilla

    My three year old loves it!

  60. Hillary Martin

    I take this dude with me everywhere. He smells nice and he’s super cute. I have endometriosis and this guy makes me feel a little better on the bad days.

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