King Golden Retriever


Weight 11.3 oz, Dimensions 13 × 11 × 5 in * Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (IN) 16″ Long SIZE (CM) (41 cm) Stuffed Toy SIZE Medium WASHING: SURFACE Breed Golden Retriever

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King Golden Retriever . King Golden Retriever * With a luxuriously soft coat of plush fur and bold stand up pose, King the Golden Retriever stuffed animal exudes a stately presence. As a faithful representation of his real life counterparts, King features soulful, amber colored eyes and rich, plush feathering at his legs, chest, and tail. King’s engaging expression and durable yet soft design encour AGE s creative play and makes him an ideal display piece as well. Realistic details and airbrushed accents make this handsome Golden Retriever plush toy popular with dog lovers of all AGE s. Make King yours today and he will proudly stand beside you as your most loyal companion! Additional information: Weight11.3 ozDimensions: 13 × 11 × 5 in, Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (IN)16″ LongSIZE (CM)(41 cm)Stuffed Toy SizeMedium WASHING:SURFACE *Breed Golden Retriever SKU: 2018 Categories: Animals, Dogs & Puppies, Golden Retrievers Tag: Golden RetrieversShare this post on Facebook.Share this post on Twitter.


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