Payton Peacock Fur Fuzzle


Dimensions 12 in * Age: 3 Years & Up, SIZE (IN) 12″ Tall SIZE (CM) (30 cm) Collection: Fur Fuzzles WASHING: SURFACE

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Payton Peacock Fur Fuzzle . Payton Peacock Fur Fuzzle * With unrivaled beauty, it should come as no surprise that Payton the plush Fur Fuzzle Peacock is the fairest bird in the land! Featuring a luscious turquoise color and a cascade of double sided, rainbow sequins down his back, this plucky Peacock stuffed animal is all glam and fashion fun. His plump, huggable body is crafted from ultra soft microfiber material and stuffed with quality polyester fill. Designer plush fabric accents Payton‚Äôs tail, giving it the appearance of plum AGE while lacy feathers can also be found atop his head. His aqua colored eyes sparkle with a lively expression and are fringed by long, dark lashes. Bring home Payton the exotic plush Peacock and be enchanted by his good looks! Additional information: Dimensions: 12 in, Age: 3 Years & Up, SIZE (IN)12″ TallSIZE (CM)(30 cm)CollectionFur Fuzzles WASHING:SURFACE SKU: 4301 Categories: Animals, Farm, Fashion, Fur Fuzzles Tags: Fantasy, Fur FuzzlesShare this post on Facebook.Share this post on Twitter.


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