PRODUCTS THAT SUCK! || Baby items you should NOT buy!!

PRODUCTS THAT SUCK! || Baby items you should NOT buy!!

Hey! So todays video I tell you baby products that you DO NOT need. To help you save some money! Share this with a soon to be mom and ill link my videos you DO NEED!
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49 Responses

  1. flor perez says:

    We use a hydro flask and it gets the job done. Even better that we already had one.

  2. Ferzfive says:

    I'm a single guy at the age of 25. Why on earth am I watching this video haha! But great video!

  3. Wipe warmer was life changer for my kid….. he no longer screams bloody murder during changes….

  4. Thank you for being so honest. As a new mom so much stuff has been pushed on me, u need this and this and that and all of the above. Its hard to say no to experienced moms but im still trying to do my own thing and thanks to moms like you, i don’t feel alone.

  5. Actually strongly disagree with you on the baby wipe warmer. But every baby is different. First baby through toddler freaked out with cold wipes and with a messy poop it takes forever to warm up each one. I didn’t have one for the first weeks of my newborn and noticed he was reacting to the cold wipes. I bought one and it was the best thing I did for my changing station. He doesn’t flinch. Sometimes he sleeps through a diaper change.

  6. 🌃🌆🌌 says:

    Taking cara has a bundle for the 2 classes for the first 5 months and you can also get gift certificates to give the classes as a gift. I'm searching for stuff for my sibling who's a first time (expectant) parent and myself if I have kids. We don't have parents or older siblings to ask about this stuff so it's really nice to have found your channel. You're so down to earth ❤️

  7. Austin says:

    Amazing. Your baby is so cute!

  8. I like this video but as a mom of two the swing was a total lifesaver the first 8ish months. My kids napped in there like champs. They still slept in a flat crib well at night and by 1 were in a crib for naps too. And yes they put themselves to sleep. But a swing was a must for us. Just my personal experience.

  9. Cherrie Bell says:

    I had 4 kids. I used a swing with all of them. It would keep them comfy for a bit if I had to make dinner or give the other kids a bath etc. My first was just not a good sleeper as an infant and I think it’s more because I was younger and more inexperienced and anxious. He also just liked to be awake and looking around. My second and third were excellent sleepers and my 4th was not a good sleeper for the first 10wks because she had a broken collar bone at birth and had to wear a brace so she was kind of uncomfortable until the brace came off. After that, she was fine. We never just left them in the swing for extended periods of time but it came in very handy when I need it.

  10. Leslie Ball says:

    Have you guys heard of Primary? I wish I had found them with my first. You can shop by color so everything goes with everything. That’s nice when you’re having to change the spit up shirt or the poopy pants. They wash nicely, too. The other one is Baby Gap. I know it’s more expensive, but it washes so nicely! Get some second hand. It holds up so well!

  11. daycel13 says:

    I definitely have to disagree about holding off feeding baby food. Pretty much all doctors will tell you you can start baby food as young as 4 months. If a baby is showing signs of wanting to eat you can most definitely feed them. My daughter started eating at 4 months and she LOVED baby food. She loved it way more than her bottles. I put the spoon in her mouth and before I could even get more food on the spoon she would open her mouth super wide or wine for more.

  12. Off subject, but where are your necklaces from?

  13. I just found your channel and you have such a fun personality!!! 🤩 thank you for this!!! Helping a mamma to be out!!!

  14. Jay P says:

    Thank you so much for your honesty! Especially with the Baby Brew literally laying in bed with the blue set in my cart plus an adapter piece for the Dr.Browns bottle $95 you just saved me.

  15. Adile Arken says:

    Thank god , u went straight to the topic ! ❤️

  16. Shy says:

    THANK YOU! Parents are always scrambling to buy unnecessary things (wipe warmer, pacifiers, formula maker, etc) Babies do not need a lot, with both my babies we had a bassinet, crib, stroller, high chair, change table, bottles, thermus, toys (play mat, teething, and books.) We didn't find out what we were having so it was a surprise and guess what the nursery doesn't have to even be done before hand, the baby sleeps with you for a while anyways. Its a billion dollar industry that trap new parents so easily.

  17. Can you leave a link to the sleeping technique you we’re talking about at 6:35

  18. Sam I says:

    I Think A Swing Helped Me Every Baby Is Different It Helps Especially When It’s Just You

  19. Amber Rae says:

    For the baby food maker, couldn't you use a smoothie maker or something along those lines that won't cost a fraction of the price or some mom's may even already have them in there home

  20. nym says:

    I bought a Hiccapop wipe warmer from Amazon ($35) and I never regretted buying it, and they don't dry out the wipes. It stays very moist inside, sometimes you can see the droplets of water in there. But our wipes don't sit in the wipe warmer very long, 2-3 days. For us, they dont really dry our, or if they do, probably not significantly enough to notice.

  21. Sara Goody says:

    Thanks for videos like this. Please make more videos regarding toddler regret items and essentials

  22. O S says:

    I don’t know why I am watching this I am not even expecting! 😂🤣

  23. Love and appreciate your honesty for the real moms 💖

  24. That baby skills class you did- was that something just offered in your area or is there a way other people can access that?

  25. My mom fed all 5 of us actual food before 6 months and none of us have any food allergies. Some babies are just ready and show the signs they are ready.

  26. gypsie rose says:

    I did baby led weaning with first two planning on it with my third

  27. Valerie says:

    Thank you for taking your sponsorships and reviews seriously and being honest! I've put a lot of things on (and taken some things off) my registry based on videos like these so I appreciate it! I would be so bummed if I added something and later found out the product was crap and only recommended because of a sponsorship. Thank you for the great video!

  28. Aki says:

    Baby is sooo cuteee !!!❤️ can’t stop staring at him! I have a 2 week old I’m loving mommy life thanks for this video ☺️

  29. I lowkey never go anywhere anyway, but I’m still buying cute clothes because I like them for myself to look at lol (not expensive though. Target has great deals and Carter’s)

  30. I bought cute baby sleepers… does that count as a compromise? 😂

  31. Court says:

    those little hydroflasks are so smart!! i didn’t want a bottle warmer, but the flask is a non-waste of money. i love it!

  32. Hunter Perry says:

    First baby coming August and so glad I watched this very helpful information… probably will still use some type of swing but interested in the program you did as an alternative for always using a swing etc

  33. Jackie Lujan says:

    I loved baby-led weaning!! A friend let me borrow one of those little food things to make my own baby food. I never used it lol

  34. Tess Gillham says:

    Where did you do the taking care of baby course?

  35. Loved this video and definitely want to look into Baby-led weaning now!!! I’m 18 weeks with my first so I’m just taking it all in and doing soooooo much reading/research!

  36. RKDeol says:

    Holy shit you are RAW!!! Subscribed. Love people that are honest.

  37. Tom Peterson says:

    I def agree for like 95% of this for me and my wife. We had our son in a toddler bed well before 2 years old

  38. Cheesy Snail says:

    You dont know how many baby videos I've watched, but you are my absolute favourite. Keep the videos comin! Ps. Your baby is SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE

  39. Kelley says:

    Do you have any more information on the Taking Care of Babies class?

  40. Rita Green says:

    Love how real u are and how honest. Love these kinds of videos.

  41. I’ve never seen a cuter baby than Brooks. I’m deaaaad, it’s too much cuteness for me🥰🥰🥰

  42. use a blender it does the same thing. I made my sons baby food from the very first bite of baby food until he was done with babyfood at about 9 months old. He started eating real food in whole form at 9 months. by 7.5-8 months he was using a spoon and feeding himself. i always allowed him to try to feed himself from the first bite of baby food.

  43. Totally agree with ALL OF THIS! I also wished we didn’t get a swing, baby Jax got so used to movement that when it came time to learn to sleep it was so much harder.

  44. I wish I knewthat about the baby brew before I bought it! 😭 Haha oh well!

  45. this video was very helpful !

  46. I love your personality so much 😆❤️

  47. 주말육아 says:

    The baby is so cute🤩🤩🤩

  48. Love your rawness and honesty!! ❣️

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