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6pcs Mini Toothbrush Travel Masticable Convenient Tooth Brush

6pcs Mini Toothbrush Travel Masticable Convenient Tooth Brush

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1. The world's smallest brush, with rugged spikes containing xylitol and fluoride.
2. 276 mini bristles provides a mechanical action similar to that of a standard toothbrush. Bristles enable the removal of food and plaque from the hardest to reach areas.
3. Convenient, effective., environmental friendly. No need for water, toothpaste, mirror or bathroom.

When to use:
1. When doing orthodontic treatment, use this product to clean a hard-to-clean place and will not damage the appliance.
2. Hurry to go out with no time to clean your teeth.
3. Serve as a spare brush when traveling.
How to use:
1. Put the mini toothbrush in mouth, and roll it between the teeth with tongue for 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Spit out and throw to the ash-bin.
Item type: tooth brush
Type: minty, orange

Package Included:
6 x mini tooth brush

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