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Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aids Sound Amplifiers with Portable Charging Case for the deaf

Rechargeable Mini Hearing Aids Sound Amplifiers with Portable Charging Case for the deaf

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Name: Hearing Aid
Material: ABS+silicone
Main Color: White
Hearing Device Color Type: blue-left, red-right
Battery: 1.5V, 2mAh
Rated working current: ≤2mA
Charge time: ≤6 hour
Working time: ≥20 hours
Hearing device Size: 24mm/0.9in x 12mm/0.47in x 10mm/0.53in
Size(rechargeable base):70mm/2.75inx52mm/2.05inx40mm/1.5in
Hearing device weight: 2g
Rechargeable base: 39g
Package size: 150 * 95 * 57mm / 5.91 * 3.74 * 2.24in
Package weight: 225g

--This hearing device is designed for old people or people with hearing problems.
-- Selected superior chip with fine sound quality and stable transmission performance.
-- Its clearly sound quality and big power can be used for compensation of the hearing loss.
-- Easy-to-wear design, conform to your ear shape, stable wearing and can ensures the comfort.
-- Full digital circuitry, low power consumption, adaptive noise reduction, and can prevents howling.
-- Soft silica gel material, does not harm to your ear, and also ensure wearing stability and lasting.
-- Directly inserted into the recharging base for convenient USB recharging, and the indicator light can direct display the recharging status.
-- Rotate volume control, easy to adjust the volume by clockwise and counterclockwise the volume knob, user friendly and convenient.
-- Comes with 3pcs earplugs in different sizes, widely suitable for different users with different demands.

Packing List:
2 * Hearing Aid
3 * Earplug
1 * Recharging Base
1 * USB Power Cable
1 * Cleaning Brush
1* Filters replacing Tool

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