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Hinged Knee Brace Knee Support Side Stabilizers of Locking Dials for Knee Pain Arthritis Meniscus Tear Adjustable

Hinged Knee Brace Knee Support Side Stabilizers of Locking Dials for Knee Pain Arthritis Meniscus Tear Adjustable

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Name: Adjustable Knee Joint Support
Material: Aluminum Alloy Bracket Components+OK Cloth Fabric
Color: Black
Size: One size fits most people

1.Enhanced Stability with High-Strength Hinges: The knee support features high-strength hinges on both sides that greatly improve the stability of the knee joint. These hinges allow for adjustable range of motion from 0° to 120°, enabling users to control the movement based on their recovery progress.

2.Universal Fit for Both Knees: The knee support is suitable for use on either the left or right knee, making it a versatile option for anyone in need of knee joint support. It is designed to be unisex, accommodating a wide range of users.

3.Easy to Wear and Secure: This knee brace is designed for easy wearability. It features a removable hinge and fastening strap, allowing users to position the hinge wherever they need it most. The adjustable fastening strap ensures a secure fit, preventing any sliding or discomfort during movement.

4.2-in-1 Detachable Design: The knee support offers a convenient 2-in-1 design. When the brace is removed, it can be used as a knee pad, providing cushioning and support even after recovery. This versatility allows users to continue wearing it for warmth and protection during physical activities.

5.High-Quality Material and Comfortable: The knee support is made of high-quality materials that are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The breathable fabric helps regulate temperature and keeps the user comfortable throughout the day. The strap ensures a firm and secure fit, and the removable stand allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Professional Devices:
1.Suitable for Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, ACL, MCL, LCL, Tendonitis, postoperative recovery and treatment of synthetical knee joint instability etc. This support can limit the range of leg movement, effectively assist knee recovery treatment.
2. Medically engineered to help relieve pain associated with arthritis, aching joints, as well as aid recovery from knee injuries, ACL, tendon and ligaments injuries. It helps reduce flexion and extension movements, providing stability to weak and injured knees.

Package Includes:
1x Hinged Knee Brace
4x Fixed strap
1x Shoulder strap

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