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Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace Knee Support Patella Brace Support Stabilizer Pad Orthosis Splint Wrap Orthopedic Guard Protector free strap

Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace Knee Support Patella Brace Support Stabilizer Pad Orthosis Splint Wrap Orthopedic Guard Protector free strap

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 Name: Knee joint support
Colour: Black
Size: M(Height 165-175CM)

1.Designed with user convenience in mind. The knee joint can move from 0 to 120 degrees, and the angle of the joint can be adjusted every 10 degrees. This means that you can customize the brace to allow the exact range of movement you need. The angle adjustment button is designed to be simple and easy to use, even for individuals with limited mobility.

2.Versatile and can be used in several situations. It's designed to help with knee joint contractures and weak muscles, providing the support and stability needed. It's also useful for injuries to the knee joint ligament, instability, or dislocations. The brace can provide stability during the healing process after a knee joint or olecranon (elbow) fracture.

3.Has several key features that make it functional and comfortable. Its large-angle, two-way adjustment feature provides flexibility in movement. The large-area shaped plate and set off provide enhanced support. The inner lining silicone anti-slip strip ensures that the brace stays in place, while the detachable inner lining makes it easy to clean. The no-stick gluing feature ensures that the brace is easy to put on and take off.

4.Made from custom non-slip fabric and other skin-friendly materials. The anti-skid strap and high-viscosity Velcra ensure a tight fit that doesn't slip, even with movement. This makes the brace feel like an integrated part of the knee joint.

5.Designed with the user in mind. Its semi-open design allows for easy observation of the knee, enabling you to monitor any changes. The overall ergonomic design ensures comfort and effective support, making it an ideal choice for those needing additional knee support.

Suitable for people:
1. Shaking loose, rheumatoid arthritis, knee ligament.
2. Before and after the joint sprains, torn ligament, anterior cruciate ligament and lateral ligamentous injury.
3. Weakness and hyperextension of hemiplegia patients with knee joint, the queen mother recovery use.

Please Note:
1.The orthosis should be used under the guidance of a professional
2. Select the appropriate orthosis according to the clinical indications
3.Measure with general-purpose instruments, select the appropriate product after comparing the size parameters with the data.
4.Put the product on the lower limbs and fasten the buckle
5.Adjust the tightness of the product until the tightness is moderate

Package List:
1 x Knee Brace Support

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