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Hailicare Black/White Silicone Anti Snoring Device Anti Snore Nose Clip

Hailicare Black/White Silicone Anti Snoring Device Anti Snore Nose Clip

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Color: White / Blue
Size: 5.5*4*2.3cm
Power Supply: USB Rechargeable

Pressure Range:4-25 cmH2O
Smart Anti Snoring Device Portable:EMS Pulse Noise Reduction Muscle Stimulator

1. Turn on the switch.
2. Insert the silicone body into the nasal cavity.


1. This electric stop snoring device can significantly reduce or even eliminate snoring. With it, you can say goodbye to the uneasiness caused by snoring and improve your sleep quality.

2. Made of the highest quality ABS and food grade silicone, it is durable, safe and reliable.

3. It is compact and lightweight, easy to carry on the go.

4. The device is ergonomically designed to accurately fit the nasal cavity. It is comfortable to wear and ensures that you don't feel any discomfort when you wear it all night long.

5. The anti-snoring device has a USB charging function and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. This ensures a longer battery life.

NOTE: This product is especially beneficial for patients with breathing difficulties and those diagnosed with sleep apnea syndrome. Ensure a good night's sleep and improved respiratory health with our state-of-the-art stop snoring device.

Package includes:
1 x Electric Anti-snoring Device
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

1. Please confirm whether the silicone is installed correctly. If the installation is wrong or not installed, it will not stop snoring.
2. Be sure to thoroughly clean the silicone nose plug before first use.
3. Every time you use it, you only need to wash the silicone nose plug with warm water, and it can be used after blowing or drying.

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