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Foot Callus Remover Electric Callus Remover Foot Grinder Black 10 in1 Pedicure Kit for Feet

Foot Callus Remover Electric Callus Remover Foot Grinder Black 10 in1 Pedicure Kit for Feet

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#0=All Black Foot Grinder with 3 Grinding Heads
#1=All black foot grinder with complete set of accessories


Voltage: 5V 1A
Battery Type: 1200MaH 18500 lithium battery
Color: Black
Usage: Foot Care
Power: Electric
Function: Removes Dead Skin
Material: ABS + PP
Size: 19.5 * 14 * 5.5cm
Net Weight: 280g


--Say goodbye to the hassle of specific charging adapters, our electric foot grinder is compatible with a variety of USB charging sources, including adapters, power supplies, and laptops for easy indoor and outdoor use. The added LED display acts as a smart reminder, showing remaining power and indicating when charging is required.

--Customize your foot care regimen with our two-speed setting. The electric foot file is available in two speeds - Speed 1 runs at 1900 rpm for gentle sanding, while Speed 2 offers a powerful 2200 rpm, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the intensity as per your comfort and requirements.

--Equipped with three different roller head styles to meet various foot care needs. The fine roller ensures daily care for your feet, the regular roller skillfully removes dead skin, and the thick roller tackles stubborn calluses. These rollers are crafted with exfoliating microbeads to ensure a smooth surface, leaving your feet instantly rejuvenated.

--Innovative design allows you to rinse the roller head under water, simplifying the cleaning process. Attaching or removing the pedicure roller is made easier with the one-touch mechanism. Although the unit is waterproof and easy to clean, it is recommended to avoid frequent immersion to ensure the longevity of your pedicure file.

--When your pedicure can be done anytime, anywhere, our lightweight electric foot grinder is designed for on-the-go foot care. Easily combat thick skin, calluses, cracks and other foot problems, giving yourself a quality foot care experience without leaving home.

Package includes:

1 X Electric Foot Grinder
1 X Foot Rub
1 X Stainless Steel Curved Foot File
1 X Double Sided Sandpaper
1 X Foot Scraper
3 X Blades
3 X Replacement Roller Head
1 X Large Sole Brush
1 X Dead Skin Fork
1 X Nail File
1 X Silicone Sheet
1 X Pedicure Knife


1 X Electric Foot Grinder
3 X 3 X Replacement Roller Head

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