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Black/White Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Adjustable Hearing Aid

Black/White Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Adjustable Hearing Aid

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Charging current: DC5V/50MA~1A
Lithium battery: 60MAH Battery
Size: 45×40×10MM
Weight: about 6.5g
Maximum sound output: 129±4DB
Sound gain: 38±5DB
Harmonic distortion: ≤5%
Frequency range: 400Hz~3800Hz
Voltage: 3.7V


-- High capacity lithium battery:
The hearing aid is powered by a 60MAH lithium battery, ensuring long-lasting performance without the need for frequent recharging or battery replacement. Experience long-lasting, uninterrupted sound amplification.

-- Compact and lightweight design:
Our hearing aids only measure 45×40×10MM and weigh about 6.5g, making them very compact and lightweight.

-- Powerful sound amplification function:
The hearing aid has a maximum sound output of 129±4DB and a sound gain of 38±5DB, ensuring clear and amplified sound. Whether you're in a quiet conversation or in a bustling environment, you can hear everything more clearly.

--Wide frequency range and minimal distortion:
Our hearing aids operate in the frequency range 400Hz to 3800Hz, capturing a wide range of sounds. In addition, the harmonic distortion is ≤5%, ensuring that the sound you hear is natural and has no obvious changes.

-- Safe and efficient operations:
This hearing aid operates on 3.7V and is designed for safe and efficient use. Experience the benefits of enhanced hearing without worrying about your device's power consumption or safety.

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Pair Of Hearing Aid]

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