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PICOOC P1 Portable Massage Gun

PICOOC P1 Portable Massage Gun

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Model: P1
Name: Massage Gun
Color: Black
Product Model
P1 Massage Gun
Product Weight: 0.9kg
Product Size (mm): 156x221x72.5
Speed (RPM):
Four Levels of Speed:
Speed 1: 1500 ± 10%
Speed 2: 1800 ± 10%
Speed 3: 2100 ± 10%
Speed 4: 2400 ± 10%
Stroke Depth: 10mm
Stall Force: 10kg


-- Variable frequency mode simulates a human hand massage experience
-- Smart Bounce™ Pressure Sensing Technology instantly adjusts force based on pressure changes.
-- Power Tap technology conserves energy with low-power consumption.
-- Lightweight and portable with a carrying case for on-the-go convenience.
-- Easy and comfortable one-handed grip with a skin-friendly coating and ergonomic design

Package includes:

1 X PICOOC P1 Muscle Massage Gun
4 X Massage Heads
1 X Charging Cable
1 X Carrying Case

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