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Xiaomi MIJIA H501 1600W Portable three-coloured Hair Dryer Negative Ions For Hair Care

Xiaomi MIJIA H501 1600W Portable three-coloured Hair Dryer Negative Ions For Hair Care

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  • POWERFUL MOTORS FOR FULL WIND POWER FOR FAST HAIR DRYING.110,000 RPM* telltale brushless motors with 7 extra-long air outlets quickly generate a powerful airflow of 62 metres per second, with wind speeds up to five times faster than the Mijia low-speed basic hairdryer.

  • 57℃ constant temperature high wind vulgar hair drying technology, with more comfortable temperature high speed soft wind blow dry hair.

  • Multiple combinations of noise reduction, wind noise science tuning.

  • Intelligent temperature detection NTC and microprocessor MCU, 100 times per second* real-time monitoring and regulating the wind temperature to prevent excessive temperature.

  • 2 gears wind speed, 4 gears wind temperature, a total of 8 modes can be freely switched. According to your hair blowing preference, the wind temperature mode is automatically memorised.

  • Four gears of colour changing lights switch visual indication according to the wind temperature.

  • Equipped with air collection nozzle, directional output of high-speed airflow to meet the local styling.


Brand: Xiaomi
Model: H501
Name: Hair Dryer
Plug Type: Chinese Standard
Power: 1600W
Rated Voltage: 220V
Body Size (Excluding Air Nozzle): 90x69.5x246.7mm
Wind Speed: 62m/s
Hair Care Factor: 200 Million Level Negative Ions
Motor Speed: 110000 (r/min)
Temperature Adjustment: Hot, Cold, Warm And Cold Thermal Cycle
Wind Speed Adjustment: 2 Levels
Weight: 345g

Package includes:

1 X Hair Dryer
1 X Concentrator Nozzle
1 X User Manual

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