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Xiaomi Mijia H701 Hair Dryer Nano Water Ions 200 Million Negative Ions Triple Overheating Protection

Xiaomi Mijia H701 Hair Dryer Nano Water Ions 200 Million Negative Ions Triple Overheating Protection

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  • Patented double-needle nano water ionisation technology. Specialised breakthrough hair care technology that effectively condenses moisture from the air and double atomises it in an instant, delivering it straight to the hair strand via an independent cold air channel.

  • Water ions + negative ions double effect care, nano water ions to hair replenishment, neutralise static electricity, reduce frizz.

  • Powerful motor to release big wind power. Equipped with 110,000 rpm high-speed motor and 13-wing aerospace turbine fan blades, squeezing the wind through the conical pressurised air ducts, generating 65 metres and seconds of wind power.

  • NTC intelligent temperature control ensures that the wind temperature is maintained at 57℃, with soft wind speed, blowing hair gently.

  • With 3 wind speeds and 4 wind temperatures, plus the protective mode, a total of 13 hair blowing combinations are possible.

  • With double-layer magnetic nozzle, 360° free rotation, directional output of high-speed airflow to meet some of the styling needs.
    Styling needs.

  • Triple overheating protection, NTC, thermostat, fuse triple protection.

  • Anti-suction design, double-layer microporous air inlet mesh, reduce hair and dust entry.


Model: H701
Name: Hair Dryer
Color: Bright Gray
Plug Type: Chinese Standard (Type A)
Power: 1600W
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Body Size (Excluding Air Nozzle): 92.5x68x258.5mm
Wind Speed: 65m/s
Hair Care Factor: 200 Million Level Negative Ions + Nano Water Ions
Motor Speed: 110000 (r/min)
Temperature Adjustment: Hot, Cold, Warm And Cold Thermal Cycle
Wind Speed Adjustment: 3 Levels
Weight: 390g

Package includes:

1 X Hair Dryer
1 X Styling Nozzle

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