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XIAOMI MIJIA Eight Electrodes Bluetooth 5.0 Body Fat Scale Dual Band Heart Rate Detection WiFi

XIAOMI MIJIA Eight Electrodes Bluetooth 5.0 Body Fat Scale Dual Band Heart Rate Detection WiFi

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  • Segmented and accurate fat measurement, shape management expert

  • 35 comprehensive indicators, Body condition at a glance
    The body composition analysis report* can be generated in one measurement with Xiaomi Eight Electrode Body Fat Scale, with up to 35 comprehensive indicators*.
    There are also scientific fitness and shaping-related guidance recommendations, easily grasp the body changes, to help you build the perfect body.

  • Segmented whole body measurement, More refined data
    Through the contact between the human body and the scale surface and the handle, a total of eight electrodes, multi-frequency biological alternating current is applied to the human body, forming
    Multiple current circuits. Realize the composition measurement of the left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, right leg five segments, clearly show
    The fat and muscle distribution of each part of the body. Body changes can be seen at a glance, and exercise and fitness are more targeted.

  • Dual-frequency bioelectrical impedance measurement,More accurate data
    Traditional body fat scales use low-frequency current to measure the impedance value of extracellular fluid only, while Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scales
    The Xiaomi 8 electrode body fat scale uses both high and low frequency AC signals through the cell membrane to measure the impedance value of the extracellular fluid.
    algorithm to calculate body composition and health data.

  • Benchmarked to DEXA Gold Standard, More reliable data
    DEXA* is the industry's recognized 'gold standard' for human body composition testing, and the closer the correlation of measurement results to 1, the more accurate the measurement the more accurate the data. Xiaomi eight-electrode body fat scale is benchmarked against DEXA, and the correlation between the key indicators such as fat mass and muscle mass
    The correlation with DEXA can be more than 0.97*, the real measurement results are accurate enough to be professional.


Product size: about 320 X 345 X 35mm

Net weight of product: about 2.4kg

Shell material: tempered glass+engineering plastic

Working temperature: -5 ° C~40 ° C

Weighing range: 0.1-150kg

Weighing unit: kg/jin/| b

Minimum graduation: 0.1kg

Power supply: 4 1.5V No. 5 (AA) batteries (excluding batteries)

Support system: Android 6.0 or iOS 12.0 and above

CMIIT ID: 2022DP9628

Wireless connection: Wi Fi IEEE 802.1 1b/g/n2.4GHz; Low Power Bluetooth 5.0

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