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COLLAGE - 9 OPENINGS - antique copper - brushed

COLLAGE - 9 OPENINGS - antique copper - brushed

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Choose a unique frame that will blend in with a rustic decor theme. Use this fabulous 8 opening antique copper collage to display your sentimental photos, special prints and works of art.

This collage frame is made of PVC and holds 9 photos. It is hand brushed in a stunning antique copper finish. The frame is multidimensional, both vertically and horizontally. It also features varied angles that allow it to hang vertically or horizontally.

The frame comes with 4 hooks for hanging on a wall. It is packaged in an open front gift box.

These stunning frames from our latest collection are sure to attract new clients to your walk-in or online store. A must-have to add a fresh look to your shelves.

  • Size 18" x 18" x 1.5"
  • Made of PVC, hand brushed in an antique copper finish
  • Holds 9 photos
  • Multi dimensional - vertical and horizontal
  • Varied angles - hangs vertical or horizontal
  • 4 hooks for hanging on a wall
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