Proudly African – Africa in Dubai

Proudly African – Africa in Dubai

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  1. What’s your favorite part or item in this video. Please share with me in the comment section.

  2. Amy Agoro says:

    This is amazing how Aisha knows alot about Africa.

  3. J&E Cooking says:

    Elle a vraiment des belles choses Africaines j ai adoré

  4. C est tellement tout beau j ai adoré

  5. Joy Favour says:

    Thanks for sharing sis, the dresses 👗 are so beautiful and gorgeous, l love African dresses 👗

  6. So attractive and beautiful

  7. Chisom Mike says:

    This is very beautiful thanks for sharing

  8. Truly Africa have very unique attires

  9. That’s the beauty of bing an African
    Our attires and accessories are all unique

  10. issa Center says:

    This is worth watching thnk you

  11. Hohe Kaimati says:

    Wow wow so lovely rebecca

  12. Esty TV show says:

    So much beautiful things. Africa my Africa

  13. Got to love being African ❤️❤️

  14. The cloths and the items there looks very beautiful

  15. victor cama says:

    You look so amazing in your beautiful outfit.

  16. This is so interesting and lovely Africa to the world

  17. She has beautiful Africans things. Keep keeping it real

  18. Sincerely this is really really beautiful. Thanks namesake

  19. What a wonderful showcase of African hand made goods. Thanks for sharing

  20. Issah Church says:

    The shop is so big with most countries represented. Well done

  21. It's a very wonderful place to visit

  22. OMO VEE says:

    African to the world 🌎 💪 she have so many lovely things ❤ thanks for always sharing

  23. Paul Jeje says:

    I'll pay a visit someday

  24. Zita Nnadi says:

    A nice place to visit. So beautiful

  25. Wow this is such a lucrative business and ideas. I love the handiwork of those students. The mask and all

  26. Wow! This is lovely, African dress are beautiful, thanks for sharing this amazing videos

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