Quick Way to make Earthworms at Home

Quick Way to make Earthworms at Home

Step by step guide to make Earthworms at home with minimum cost



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  1. Ryan Kumar says:

    @Organic Balcony: so u put cow dung, added water, kept it in shade…& earthworms grew in there automatically?

  2. J. Watson says:

    Very good idea and easy to do Thank you.

  3. In how many days we can get the results

  4. जादू है क्या😂चलो करके देखते हैं,फ़िर केंचुए खरीदने नहीं पड़ेंगे

  5. How it's possible to get worms magically 😂😂

  6. Sir, where did they come from ? Where the eggs present in the cow dung cake ?

  7. kanagaraj c says:

    Explained very well. Thanks.

  8. Very nice & the easiest way . Thank you , sir

  9. Can you please tell me after how many days they grow plz tell me 🥰

  10. Bro, what about grubs and soldiers flies? Is it ok or will earthworm perish?

  11. Pai Pai says:

    Good idea thanks.i will try .thanks 🙏

  12. Good presentation with cost effective 👍

  13. Good your information and your presentation is good

  14. Jay Rana says:

    This earthworm is eisenia fetida?

  15. Hema Bala says:

    Can I directly use a moist cow dung for earthworm formation?

  16. YUVRAJ GURU says:

    Inse varmicompost banaya ja sakta hai

  17. I got earthworms in my balcony garden .Now I want to make more .. so gonna try this.

  18. I want to catch fish in earthwomes I search in village I get thr

  19. Has someone succeeded in tis

  20. sunit bagh says:

    Thanks it worked for me now I got worms on my pot

  21. Its is red wingless earty worm

  22. Meratube Hai says:

    Thanks bhai for very important video.

  23. Talha Azhar says:

    Bhai kya cow dung powder sa bhi worms produce ho jaenn gy? Orr kitny din lagen gy..

  24. Clara D says:

    And how long do the take to grow?

  25. Clara D says:

    Are these baby earthwormS?

  26. I a plastic bag how many days we should keep

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