Realistic plush from foreign countries

Realistic plush from foreign countries

My favorites of my full collection! Most of these plush come from Europe, and Australia! Sorry the video cut out at the end I guess my phone could only record 30mins! lol

Also I forgot to show my Unitoy jackal and steiff wolf!


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  1. Nee-Floof says:

    What a lovely collection of teddies!

    I have come across the hermann wolf a lot on smazon but I actually live in europe haha I bought the lynx instead but the wolf seems so good

  2. Greg Barr says:

    Where did u get your gipsy wolves and nico toys wolves I have been wanting them!

  3. I love your videos and i love the fact you take the time to review each one!

  4. Emily D says:

    IΒ am in LOVE with your collection! My friend and I buy almost every realistic wolf plush we can find, we love it.

  5. I have a question. In your video at 19:20 you show your floppy red fox plush from Canada that you got for Christmas, I reallllllyyy want one. Where can I buy one?? Please let me know. ; o ;Β 

  6. JordanLynn says:

    cool collection! did you see the new teddy Hermann husky for 2014?Β which one would you recommend more, the teddy Hermann wolf or the nico toys wolf I want to get one of those but Im not sure which one is better. the wwf wolves are so cute! im finally getting the big wwf wolf! It is my most expensive purchase! it was $145! I got it from minterasu (spelling?!?) Β 

  7. Very great collection my friend!! πŸ™‚
    I hate to hear that people are using your names and not crediting you for them!! πŸ™
    Where can you get the Gipsy Wolves at 3:56 and the huskies at 24:54 the light grey and the darker ones from?? πŸ™‚
    They are all soo cute and adorable!! :33
    Another great collection!! πŸ˜€

  8. I love your two gipsy wolf plushes!

  9. CryWolf says:

    Most of the foreign countries makes awesome looking plushies. I really like teddy hermann and uni toys^^

  10. hey could you please do a collection of all your plush please your awesome πŸ™‚

  11. Fish Pebbles says:

    Hey vesper! I'm sorry that people have been doing that with your names. I think you've used cody and dakota but I didn't name the same exact plush what you did!

  12. The silverwolf from he suma collection. Do you know what animal he is? I don't kow if he is a wolf or a fox.

    I think your video has been interupted at the end.

  13. Timber Wolf says:

    i <3 the black nature planet wolf! cant find it on amazon anywhere!

  14. What?? Did somebody use some of your plushies names?
    I'm gonna miss when you say there names, it's the way we show that we love our plush.
    But loved the video friend :-D<3
    Your plushies were so cute <3

  15. In the picture of the wolf on amazon was it lying down

  16. Aww….. I love your animals names!! I think they are so creative! They really match your animals! Don't ever listen to anybody! It doesn't matter what other people think… It matters about what you think! πŸ˜€ I love your animals names!! πŸ˜€Β 

  17. and maybe the big teddy hermen lying husky not trying to be rude XD

  18. could u tell me the link to the uni toys 9 inch sitting huskys if u would PLEASE? i really want them for christmas

  19. I just love all your foreign plushies and can I do one like this. Im sorry I never credited you the names that I used.

  20. a1gage says:

    I love what you name your plush! Cool collection

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