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S1E7- To Catch a Predator- Fort Meyers, FL (Part 2 of 2)

S1E7- To Catch a Predator- Fort Meyers, FL (Part 2 of 2)


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  1. gamer16 says:

    Chris Hansen: that’s my line you little shit

  2. tonight on TCAP……Prince Andrew!!!!!!

  3. Guy Williams says:

    There's absolutely no treatment that can be done for this, they just need to be killed

  4. Dark Knight says:

    TCAP drinking game, and go go:

    1. Drink anytime someone says, "I wasn't going to so anything."
    2. Drink anytime someone says, "I'm just here to talk."

    Keep it going.

  5. I I think I should be getting the death penalty, sir.

  6. CyberGothika says:

    The decoy's voice is so incredible foul and the acting so obviously synthetic and the pedos STILL believed it was real.

  7. ThugNasty104 says:

    That “you wanna explain yourself” gets me EV-ER-Y TIME 😭😭

  8. TheKaneECO says:

    "That's him! Right there! He's pulling down his pants!"

  9. DKON 1776 says:

    This is the cleanest best pleasure

  10. Tarig Hashim says:

    The camouflaged cop was waiting for this moment his whole life lol.

  11. 25:40 the way Chris Hanson says “per-VEYYYY” kills me every time.

  12. Edward Chan says:

    They know they don’t have to say anything right?

  13. Wow i wonder if 15 years later which of these guys offed themselves

  14. So many firsts its crazy lmfao you know damn well it's just the first time they were caught not the first time they did it its so sick I swear if any grown man tries to mess with my daughter they better hope the police get them first

  15. Drew Dugger says:

    They should follow up with all these pedos to see if they got GOT in prison or not.

  16. Peter Wallis says:

    Gosh this looks old. It's like it's from the mid 90s.

  17. #AlexisMason was here……………..binge watching………….

  18. The first decoys voice is soooooooo annoying

  19. 2:37 This guy is the biggest jackass I've ever seen in my life. Chief of police? Wtf seriously? He gets on live tv and tells everyone anything could happen and as a law enforcement agency they would never know who did it? Is this a joke?

  20. loaded fun says:

    The ghillie suit had me on the floor😹

  21. Soja79 says:

    One dude has a barcode on his head

  22. Jon-Marc says:

    They took this show off the air because one them took there own life. It needs to go back on air it's letting people know the sick fucks. One of them could be you next door neighbor.. the world losses nothing if they take there self out. world be a better place without them

  23. James Purvis says:

    They eat those cookies which have been sitting out a while and then they gotta go to jail with no milk, oooooooof good lord. 😂😂😂😂 🥛 🍪

  24. Johnny Blaze says:

    My thing is that these comebacks do this and they act so nonchalant about it like OK yeah I did it so are you gonna let me walk out of here now… Like scumbag you try to fuck a kid. The worst are the ones who are fathers and they still do that shit

  25. It’s such a fascinating study watching lives be completely ruined with three words: Have a seat. Better theirs than the children

  26. captainwow says:

    "I always bring condoms everywhere I go, because of diseases"
    What a great husband

  27. @ 36:30 dude can't help but lick his lips after chris brings up fucking the cat..🤮

  28. The COD bush cop trained his whole life for this moment, he later went on to arrest Old Greg & received the Medal of Valor from President George Bush.

  29. TMR says:

    "Do you want to explain yourself?"
    "It was the strangest thing, sir. I walked into the house and my clothes just fell off."

  30. That doucebag with the highlights “ yeaaaaahhh “

  31. Mark Webb says:

    Yeah whenever a high end dog boutique is involved you're getting fucked up the but.

  32. I think i hate the guy with bleached hair the most out of these

  33. MrMoon275 says:

    Well at least the Trinidadian guy was correct
    Screen name "crazy Trini" sitting there butt azz naked with a towel wrapped around him.

  34. TexansFan218 says:

    Across the state of Florida is nothing. I’d be impressed if he crossed Texas for it.

  35. Terez280 says:

    Tcap be catching these dudes with the most unusual hair styles 😆

  36. 34:55
    The naked dude looks like he's wearing the Groucho Glasses disguise with moustache and eyebrows attached.

  37. So you’re you can really see racism at work because out of the dozen decoys none of them were children of color. They were only trying to protect white children. But that’s the subtle kind of racism that NBC is known for.

  38. 24:00 damn grandpa was on the MOVE he said 🏃🏼💨
    Best they had 👨🏻‍🦳🔫

  39. Bro Brian with the greasy head looks like a mole person 💀

  40. Bailey Moore says:

    "Come on in, I'm putting on my bra and panties."
    Immediately after: "Keep going he's coming fast." I think they edited that intentionally.

  41. Crispy Clara says:

    They finally used a decoy that looks underage lmao, I legit thought she was like 13 or some.

  42. Mikey Swift says:

    That decoy is simply awful good god.

  43. Bacon Shake says:

    Bring this show back! There are more predators to catch!

  44. I can certainly tell you, there won't be no cool whip for your cat when the other, bigger dudes in jail want to get ahold of your kitty sir 😂

  45. Lee Greer slays so much poontang he cant fathom not rolling around with no less than 20 rubbers. Cheeseburger no pickles.

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