Sesame Street – Hug w/Herry Monster (1978)

Sesame Street – Hug w/Herry Monster (1978)

I could use a hug from Herry Monster (Jerry Nelson) right about now, how about you? From 1978 (Season 9, Ep 1084), ripped from Ep 1255, with Herry-sized HUGS to Ingeborg Nordén aka @Just Looking!.


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16 Responses

  1. That's the number one thing I need. A hug from a friend. The AM girl was performed by Richard Hunt.

  2. Can You Upload
    I Am Not Afraid Sung By Grover And Harvey Monster Anything Muppet Marching Band From 1096
    People In Your Neighborhood Butcher Zookeeper From 1096
    Bob Blank Muppet Feelings 1076
    Don Music Old Macdonald 1076 Please I'll Be Pateince As Always I Hope You'll Be Back For Thanksgiving or Christmas

  3. chuck 48 says:

    lord haven't seen this in years

  4. The very definition of "short and sweet."

  5. Ben Malloy says:

    Sometimes all you need is a hug! I wish I could give a hug right now. If COVID-19 was not happening, I would go out, and hug a friend today if I could!! These are times that we could use a hug! 🙂

  6. RJSchex says:

    At 0:11, she clearly makes a short "e" sound. ("Heg"?)

  7. For once, someone wasn't scared of Herry and ran

  8. Veston Bruno says:

    Richard Hunt was the girl.

  9. JackoB716 says:

    I would really love a hug. ^_^

  10. Alex Carlson says:

    Rest in peace Jerry Nelson

  11. Jim T. says:

    Herry is such a good monster

  12. Thanks for the better Quality and I’ve seen it on 2643 when I was 3 years old

  13. I could sure use a hug right now. Very heartwarming at its finest. 😉

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