Sick goal by me in warmies…

Sick goal by me in warmies…

Bang Bang Bangedy Bang Bang!!!

I cant wait to show y’all more of my hockey vids

Gopro footage in “Trigger Moment at Hockey Last Night” and “Sick goal by me in warmies…” done by Alex Williams (insta @hockeyvivid)

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  1. Vinecten says:

    Damn y’all he fucking went bar down there xD. Wish I lived in a good hockey area, because I live in fucking North Carolina and North Carolina is bullshit

  2. Vinecten says:

    AYYYEEEE nice shot! 👍

  3. Corey Aungst says:

    EAS scenario idea: This one has a sense of humor..
    One that involves contaminated light beer (bud light, Busch light, Miller light, rolling rock, other cheap pisswater, etc.) that makes people… not zombies… but permanently intoxicated. Hilarity & strife (but mostly hilarity) ensues. And Scansoft Tom has a few choice words.
    I know undeadeasproductions did one like that, that was only 5 minutes long. Sadly, his channel doesn't exist anymore.

  4. eco says:

    O wO
    The only sport I can do is swim
    (P.s it's me Teddy bear just an account change)

  5. How do you get your hockey shit in such great scores?

  6. Lil Skittles says:

    Bro make a vid of bar down

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