One thought on “Spammed by a bigname Youtuber

  1. i cant cus i dont know who this person is but i do know the situation there was a simerelar situation on another site with someone going around asking for codes its a game website and u need codes to install the game

  2. Exactly. I know I am nothing special but for a second I thought she had actually taken the time to come and see my videos and channel and I am sure she must have tricked loads of people into thinking the same. It was quite hurtful really.

  3. I am grateful for such things, perhaps you missed the principle of what is being said here. Never said capitalism was bad, blatant and unbalanced manipulation of people and the environment is hurtful to ourselves and others, as is you your comment. Thanks.

  4. Well it wasn't really a personal slight so I can't really get even. That's what makes it even worse though – all those 'petsonal' messages that turned out to be random nonsense. It shows extreme lack of respect!

  5. I have to say I am pretty pissed off aswell. Especially seeing as these people earn money off videos. I can understand youtubers spamming up somewhat to get more exposure, but this user already has exposure. I refuse to make a video about it though because it will just direct more attention towards her channel.

  6. I got one of these from Steve Z….. , a musician, and had the same unflattering experience as Elise. Nothing to disagree about, it's a matter of integrity, and respect. I'm subscribed to you and love your video's LouRyder, I don't think you spammed me to do so; not necessary at all. Best case is that these peoples channels have been overtaken (co opted?) and they are innocent. From what you say, it was intentional. (:~(

  7. Yeah, Capitalism!!! Let's clear some more rain forests, who wants a burger and make some money, yeah!! I wouldn't use that 10-letter word to defend anything. There is a time, place, and balanced manor for self-promotion and capitalism, and spamming in this fashion is in poor taste.

  8. You know, how this person got 'big' on youtube?
    by scamming. She auto refreshed her videos, so she always got ten thousands of views.

    Actually people started monitoring this and with every video, she got a linear amount of viewers, measured by the first hours.

    So she is a big phoney anyway and I have always disliked her, a lot! She is hollow as hell.

  9. Self promotion is all very well but there are ways to do it without being obnoxious – also this was clearly jsut to con people into getting the video on instant play onto the front page of Youtube. I believe in promoting oneself but this was spam and nothing better.

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