Sugarloaf Reservoir Redfin Fishing!

Sugarloaf Reservoir Redfin Fishing!

Hey Guys. I went to Sugarloaf Reservoir in Christmas Hills yesterday and got onto some Reddies. Unfortunately a wind storm came through and my Go Pro ran out of memory so we called it a day. Caught some Redfin on Savage Gear and Zerek Soft Plastics. Got a few on bait as well. It was a nice day out. Also a big thanks to everyone for 200 Subscribers!


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  1. Evo-fpv says:

    What part of sugarloaf did you go to?

  2. WinnieX0 says:

    Mate what lures you using

  3. Will Peasley says:

    Can't wait to go fishing there

  4. I bought fishbrain premium to see where you caught your fish. You hide your locations 🤦‍♂️

  5. MEGAHOUSE TV says:

    Good vid dude I subbed please sub back when u get a chance

  6. Nice vid mate. I fish in NSW. I subbed. If u want u could check out some of my vids. I get flathead, snapper, Jewfish, bream and mackerel etc. good work

  7. Luke how much did it cost ya for the penn legion

  8. Wow that looks like one beautiful spot.

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