Survivor: Cats vs Dogs Finale – "Only One Can Win"

Survivor: Cats vs Dogs Finale – "Only One Can Win"

The final four have the end in sight, and a winner is crowned.

The castaways are marooned and begin the adventure of a lifetime. Early on, one tribe finds success, and the other finds failure, while a certain animal takes on the role of tribe leader.

This season a tribe of cats and a tribe of dogs will face off to determine who wins the million dollar grand prize, and title of Sole Survivor. Tune in each Wednesday at 8:00 EST to see who is voted out on Survivor: Cats vs Dogs!

Survivor: Stuffed Animals is created specifically for the entertainment of viewers. We do not make a profit, and will not earn any money in the future. Our show is based off of the CBS reality show ‘Survivor’, and the rights to ‘Survivor’ belong to its creators and rightful owners. The music used in the background is not meant to earn profit, the rights to the music belong to its creators. YouTube channels used for music: TheMaestro, DaliRet, VyridaCZE, and Vanacore Music. Thank you for uploading this music, the show would not be possible without it.

And without further ado, enjoy the show! 39 DAYS, 16 ANIMALS, 1 SURVIVOR!



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  1. The most predictable season yet. I knew that

    Spoiler Alert

    Lenny would win because he was the classic underdog archetype. I have made it clear I am not a fan of Lenny, but I wasn't a fan of Tom either. I had a hard time rooting for the people in the final 4. Fluffy was the easiest to root for and I'd say he was the robbed god of the season. That being said I am looking forward to the next season, Survivor Best of the Beasts, and I am kind of sad that there is only one more season. I am excited to see who comes back.

    I am going to guess the 16 all stars will be

    1.Moose- Winner of S1
    2. Fire- S1
    3.MeMe- S2
    4.Spring- Winner of S2
    5. Lenny- Winner of S3
    6. Tom- Runner Up of S3
    7.Fluffy- S3
    8. Flippers- S2
    9. Josh- S1
    10.Palm Tree- S1
    11.Dakota- S3
    12.Sharky- S2
    13.Wallie- S2
    14.Potsdamer- Runner up of S1
    15. Rusty- S3
    16. Lobster- S1

    I fell confident about 3/4 of the list, but the other 4 were just shots in the dark. Can't wait for next season!

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