T.J. Oshie Makes Brock's Wish Come True

T.J. Oshie Makes Brock's Wish Come True

T.J. Oshie worked with the Washington Capitals and Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic to make cancer survivor Brock’s wish come true during the NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer Month.

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  1. TJ is such a great guy I had a hockey tournament in warroad where he is from pretty cool stuff all the caps are such great guys on and off the ice

  2. Such a heart warming moment❤ I'm a Pens fan but always have been a TJ Oshie fan! In my mind he's underrated!!

  3. Gibbs1991 says:

    No matter what team you cheer for this kind of stuff has no borders…. NHL players are awesome

  4. Is it just me or dose Brock look like Taylor Hall

  5. It's nice to see the NHL Make A Wish videos. The players are from all over the hockey world, & are always gracious to the Boy / Girl who come to visit…👍👍👍

  6. D S says:

    A Warroad guy. My daughter skates with his STL Blues and Team USA jerseys for her practices. We were supposed to get to Warroad this season for a tournament but had to stay back because she got Covid. There will be another time.

  7. DogSquash says:

    Tj Oshie gave three sticks away

  8. AnDy c says:

    Don't blame brock for that. Oshie's shootout moment is iconic. It was crazy. He kept scoring and smiling and his confidence was crazy high. Was amazing to see.

  9. How nice american people are, how awful the bankers & politicians

  10. C H says:

    Hockey guys are good guys.

  11. TheDanhenk says:

    I met T. J. Oshie back when he played at UND, he was a great guy even back in college.

  12. How sad is it that every single one of these people (and the rest of us) were clueless that just a year later, this either won't be happening anymore or everyone will have masks on.

  13. Charlie says:

    Thanks Oshie for making this kid's gift of a lifetime. Beautiful to watch.

  14. Howdy hoo says:

    Great to see nhl players like him do such great and wonderful things like this

  15. Hey remember when Washington traded Brouwer for Oshie? I do.

  16. BHV says:

    Hockey players are awesome

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