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Talking Friends Talking Tom from Cuddle Barn

Talking Friends Talking Tom from Cuddle Barn

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Fans of the popular Talking Friends app can now play with the characters from the app off-screen. Much like in the app, the 12-inch Talking Tom repeats everything you say in his own voice. Press Tom’s foot and he’ll say “No, no, no!” Wait for the red light to glow from within Tom’s chest. When you see it, start talking and the red light will blink. Stop talking and Tom will repeat what you said. Tom’s mouth also moves as he talks. You can talk to Tom and hear the toy repeat what you’ve said over and over and over again. A Talking Ben is also available and sold separately.



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  1. There is a talking Ben version of that

  2. Meldy says:

    so cool but i am gonna have another cooler one than that

  3. Euellb1 says:

    Lol Tom totally butted the show

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  5. Click the link in the video description to see where it's available to buy online.

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