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The Weekly | Stiff Neck | Being Interviewed!

The Weekly | Stiff Neck | Being Interviewed!

Here is yet another weekly! I am still suffering with my neck and decide to visit an Osteopath. I had a tearful conversation to my GP. I was interviewed by my friend and had a few trips out! Enjoy and see you next time!

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10 Responses

  1. Irene S says:

    Looks like you has a nice week catching up with friends. Nice to have a girly chat. Hope your new therapy helps your neck and back. Take care all of you xx

  2. julie ford says:

    I love your blog like the cheese cake it's my favourite dessert Holly looks beautiful with her down and looks very slim .and amazing

  3. Carol Hydon says:

    Hi Nicki! Love the nails. I had physio over the phone in lock down ( no face to face.) waste of time and made my neck worse. ! PIP? Total nightmare. I hate the hassle of that , I do it for myself and my son . What is dry needling? Good luck with the appointment xx

  4. Poppy has changed so much in the 18mths since i found your vlogs! Your girls are both so beautiful!

    I'd like to attempt that cheesecake- nom nom nom- but what do u do with the cream cheese topping?

  5. Liz Field says:

    I use one of those upholstery sponges for my dog to get up & down the settee. Got it from the range. Not cheap but he’s been using it a couple of years now. Some markets sell them as off cuts.

  6. Sorry Nicky, my fibro fingers bounced and hit the wrong thumb (down instead of up). Put it right now πŸ™ƒ

  7. Have you looked into some dog steps or a ramp for Evie? I got some to help my 13 year old collie to get into the car and up on the bed. I feel your pain with the doctor letters and PIP. It's rather frustrating.

  8. I2_PACE says:

    Keep your chin up 😘

  9. Diane Kelly says:

    hi hun, sounds like you have some costochrondritis and cerviogenic dizziness, i have them both with fibro and have same symptoms as you. maybe have a wee look online about it xxxx

  10. I feel your pain!!!!!! Xxx

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