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These Body Builders Took It WAY TOO FAR..

These Body Builders Took It WAY TOO FAR..

In this video, we countdown top 8 BodyBuilders who took things WAY TOO FAR.. Some bodybuilders have to do some crazy things to maintain their fit and shredded physique and of course, some of those things can be drastic. Here, we showcase 8 of those body builders who went to the extremes including jay cutler ronnie coleman, possible steroids users, and some guy who used synthol OIL, but you have to see what ends up happening to him at the end…

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  1. Shut up man your lying a spider can’t get on the bed if we don’t sub

  2. Queen Aroush says:

    I love how there comes a message telling “WATCH TILL THE END & LIKE THE VIDEO!”

  3. Derpsendie says:

    God: I will make humans and they will make villages and make tools

  4. jake Jake says:


  5. If papa cause it's not allowed to put all your in yourself it will hurt yourself and when you're in the bodybuilder you cannot you cannot drink or eat well If you do put your if you do put it Will pop and don't get so to fire because Oreo because fire It ignored okay and don't Oh yo Don't get next year fire well you can do Blow up

  6. GG PLAYZ says:

    the kid is grabing the table

  7. Caner Oezalp says:

    The first one isn’t bodybuilding, it’s pure calisthenics, though the protein thing is just too much, however he probably worked out everyday Two to three times a day in a year for muscle stabilisation, so yeah, it’s healthy and not healthy.

  8. So every slide seems really awesome when you say it but when I actually watch it it’s not cool and actually really boring and I didn’t even see the persons-muscles leaking or how did he get the oil and his body super weird because I didn’t even see any of that so yeah

  9. if he is so called the strongest what am i and the fact ppl need to lie flr him

  10. Amanda Field says:

    Hi I am so happy to see you happy

  11. T Games says:

    Ive seen stronger kids that have 6 packs

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