This is the WARMIES

This is the WARMIES

Check out the range of soft plastics, jig heads and more at Well this is the WARMIES in Newport! –,144.8971367,616m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6ad6671e188a1353:0xe8313c6b68064f0d!8m2!3d-37.8464942!4d144.8993254?dcr=0


-2.5” paddle tail grub — Find them here —-

-3.5”Curl Tail grub — Find them here —-

-4” Curl Worm (FAVOURITE FLATHEAD LURE)— Find them here —-

-Head DOWN Tail UP (Stands the plastic up) — Find them here —-
-Round head — Find them here —-

-LIP GRIPS (Great for handling fish) — Find them here —-

-Shimano Catana’s (2-4kg and 1-3kg)
-Shimano Backbone 15kg roller tip game rod
-Shimano Sonic 2-4kg
-Pflueger Transcendent travel rod 2-5kg 3 piece
– Savage gear baitcast rod 5-8kg
-Sienna reels (Size 1000 and 2500)
-Shimano Sedona 2500 and 4000
-Piscifun Honor 2000
– Savage Gear Baitcaster
-Shimano TLD25 Reel (80lb J-braid)
– Always trying new brands, might make my own, not sure
– Fluro Carbon leader suited to fishing style

KAYAK – Freedom hawk 14
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I will be making further videos when I catch fish or some other interesting stuff happens when I am out.

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-A four wheel drive dual cap ute style vehicle
-A caravan or camper trailer
-A kayak like the Native Titan 13.5 (my dream kayak)

*This is my honest review (If I think something is CRAP, I won’t recommend it), I was not paid to make this video, but links in the description do go to some products where I may be working with companies and do receive some funds for sales*



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  1. Check out the range of soft plastics, jig heads and more at

  2. What is the best bait I can buy to fish here

  3. Lincoln, in less than one year (about 7 months) you have gone from 1000 subscribers to 13k plus. You must be doing what people want to see to have such a prodigious growth in subscriptions. Your Giveaways will help swell the numbers. Looking forward to more of your fishing videos. Currently, I combine bait & lure fishing. To see if there are any fish where I am fishing. Current weather conditions where I fish are unhelpful regardless of fishing methods. Hopefully tomorrow 9th September I will get a chance & do better.

  4. Mr. Franz says:

    Sorry for the awfully late reply mate but I was wondering is this apart of the long rocky pier stretch or something totally different?

  5. great videos mate. keen to get down and try a few spots. Can you tell me what landing net you got there on your back? Im after one that size

  6. Gotta love the warmies even if you dont catch anything there it's still a beautiful spot

  7. tidy kun says:

    how can you tell if the water is pumping? Every time i've been there, that churning water has been happening. does that mean its "on"? or is it always like that?

  8. That guy A says:

    sometimes i go to the big wall on the otherside where the snapper fisherman are and get my ultralight gear out and cast about 1 or 2 metres with a prawn and i catch mullet,pufferfish,bream its fun to see the fish take your bait!!!

  9. vsonic86 says:

    This isn’t cape cod. Is it?

  10. Meli Sione says:

    Hey mate what do you put in ya gps to get to that spot ? As I’m from Queensland and don’t know my way around here in melb

  11. Milker Yan says:

    Is there any way to know when the waters coming out, without actually going there? Is it timed or is there a website that monitors it?

  12. Nick Pain says:

    Congrats on 1000 subs before you know it it will be 100000

  13. ok im not from around there,,,,, but great info,,,,,,,, and congratulation on get 1K subscribers ,,,,, well done mate

  14. You should go to Albert park lake use ZX40's surface lures at night and spinner baits for best results late spring, summer and early Autumn best times early morning and late afternoon into the night. Fish species are: Yellow Belly (65cm+)Trout, Carp and good numbers of Estuary Perch. Good Luck!

  15. Great video mate, I’d love to try down there one day

  16. Vinnie G. says:

    Nice vid man…#998…Two more to go!

  17. Radish says:

    Hi mate thank you for these quality videos!
    As I live in Melbourne it’s great to see these local spots 😀
    Please keep them coming

  18. cody says:

    What about under the west-gate bridge, isn't that Warmies too?

  19. When does the warm water come out?

  20. Josh Chao says:

    Thanks for the tip. I didn't know about this, learnt something new! How do we know when it's gonna release the water tho?

  21. Great video Lincoln .. I like fishing the warmies in winter .. good spot

  22. I went there the other day and caught 3 flat heads the warm water was pumping to

  23. It said no fishing on the sign tho wouldn’t you get caught

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