This Is Why the King Cobra Hates Other Snakes

This Is Why the King Cobra Hates Other Snakes



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  1. Arms Race… Lol… the irony of it all… no arms…. no legs…. Race. Get it?

  2. 9:40
    Not only is the King Cobra a cannibal, a tricky assassin and intimidating, apparently he fights like Mike Tyson in a 1v1 we've learned😂😂🤣

  3. D P says:

    King cobra is naturally born more in india


  5. Them things get huge as hell that's amazing. Did that gopher yell Allen

  6. Its VENOM. not poison!

  7. solwen says:

    You forgot to mention that cobras are actually pretty chill: They rarely bite people and when they do they often don't inject venom at all (or very little, so you get the pain and the point).

  8. A huge snake that kills other snakes…perfect

  9. King cobra and spectacled cobras are relatives


  11. Got anything about the bull snake? Or the blue runners

  12. They hold a grudge from the garden. Punishing all the bother snake for it having its wings taken away from it.

  13. I love this channel’s humor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Broly films says:

    I once saw a king cobra in my summerhouse in Egypt and what happened next was unexpected it simply slithered away while I was walking away

  15. There are a lot more snakes that prey on other snakes, nothing special. Mungos are not immune to snake poison, get your facts straight!

  16. Jeff Bassett says:

    Venomous, not poisonous.

    Several species of snake feed primarily on other snakes.

    Phillipine cobras have nothing to do with king cobras.

    King Cobras aren't cobras at all, they are more similar to mambas.

    Please, actually take a LITTLE BIT of time to learn what you're speaking about. Otherwise you're just spreading a bunch of misinformation and nonsense. Facts will always out-weigh lazy assumptions. If you have a cellphone in your posession, there is no excuse for any of this. You have the vastness of all known facts at your fingertips, but are too lazy to take 10 minutes to learn any real facts about your topic.

  17. VENOMOUS. Not POISONOUS. The way I remember it: if it bites you and you die, it’s venomous. If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous.

  18. Trevor Tat says:

    Amazing video. Educational too!!!

  19. Telugu Kings says:

    03:40 Hello, Hello, Hello

  20. Snakes aren’t Poison, they are VENOMOUS 🤦‍♂️ 🐍

  21. Podcast says:

    Wait! Can snakes even blink 🐍

  22. I was in Thailand. Even had to walk through quite a large terrain of fields on a pathway to get to a beach party and thankfully no snakes. I'm fact I wasn't even thinking there were snakes in Thailand until I saw this upload duh 😵‍💫👍

  23. Nurow says:

    This is made for kids.

  24. msTX says:

    King cobras aren't true cobras, the true cobras are the naja. There are several species of king cobra, too. They are commonly fed ball pythons when kept as captive snakes and are highly intelligent animals. Other snakes that will eat other snakes include (but not limited to): king snakes, eastern hognose, indigo, and racers.

  25. bnvwj says:

    9:42 …and that was how the snake fist was came to be…

  26. Cody Simpson says:

    Snakes aren't poisonous…. They are venomous.

  27. Devan Lloyd says:

    I believe they are also called elephant killers by some

  28. Deryck Apple says:

    The king cobra has poison but i have smelly poison in my mouth

  29. Baby King Cobra : "I'm invincible, ready to kill".
    Saltwater Crocodile : "Here's my lunch"!.

  30. These snakes are venomous not poisonous.

  31. I found this part intriguing because of the fact he said it’s deforestation fault not humans.

  32. Jay says:

    How did he see that snake underground he’s a hacker😂😭

  33. Quix66 Hiya says:

    Venomous not poisonous.

  34. Rexus Nexus says:

    Komodo Dragons are NOT venomous; rather, their mouths are loaded with a tremendous cocktail of bacteria that scientists have yet to identify all of the strains. Komodo dragons choose to bite their prey, then wait to feast after it died a painful death from infection and begins to bloat. People have been known to survive a bite without medical treatment but it usually involves amputation of the limb that was bitten.

  35. Rexus Nexus says:

    Snakes have VENOM! Not poison!

  36. sadest part about this video was the trash in the river at like 2:19

  37. Teekev4869 says:

    I’m still quite confused

  38. He said one poison bite 💀💀

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