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This Pig Makes The Funniest Noise When His Foster Stops Kissing Him | The Dodo Little But Fierce

This Pig Makes The Funniest Noise When His Foster Stops Kissing Him | The Dodo Little But Fierce

This tiny rescue pig shows off his big personality when he gets comfortable around his foster moms, wait until you hear him squeal when they stop kissing him!

Special thanks to Emilie and Kayla for fostering Blueberry, you can check them out on Instagram: https://thedo.do/Emilierackovan, https://thedo.do/kaywebs. To learn more about Tiny Hooves Sanctuary, check them out on Instagram: https://thedo.do/tiny_hooves_sanctuary.

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29 Responses

  1. Larry Pahl says:


  2. Larry Pahl says:

    let the audience hear the swine.

  3. They put a sandwich commercial on before this started. Nice going YouTube

  4. S M says:

    I have 2 foster fails; 1 dug and 1 cat. I just can't give them.

  5. PJ Fountaine says:

    We had a small, pot belly pig several years ago.somebody was selling some baby pigs for $60 at a farmer’s co-op market. My husband held him, and i could see, he wanted it, haha. He was so cute, and we named him after the famous pet pig on Petticoat Junction, Arnold Ziffle. Hahah he had to be bottle fed, they sold him before he was weaned, and he lost weight initially. Our dachshund was so jealous to see her Mama feed the new baby, she would go sit with Daddy instead. He stayed with us several months, and went from an indoor pet to an out door buddy, then we were inclined to sell him for his betterment to a hobby farm family, much like on this video. I saw photos, and he was having a blast too.He even had a mate waiting for him, named Penelope, and he sired many piglets, even getting loaned out to others who had pygmy pigs. Last i heard ,about four years ago, Arnold had huge tusks, and basically was not the same sweet little guy we had got to know. He became very wild and they kept him around, last i heard, but he was no longer a “pet” due to the tusks and wildness he developed as he matured. So anyone wanting a piggie baby, keep in mind, they do not always stay so sweet and adorable, and cuddly. Arnold had been sweet and playful and cuddly as a baby piglet, too. I was surprised they kept him, the guy said you couldn’t get near him. This video brought back some fun memories, and i hope this little guy stays friendly and cute.

  6. Judy Corso says:

    This is adorable…thank you for doing the hard work of the best job in the world!!!

  7. hilton x says:

    I love pigs, they'll forever be my favorite animal

  8. Mark Bauer says:

    Men who grunt understand pigs. Sorry, that is not a slight on men, more like a sentiment for pigs.

  9. KevM says:

    I wonder what type of pig blueberry is

  10. Hes gonna get really BIG…. lol at zoomies

  11. Steven says:

    My dog enjoyed watching this…

  12. Praamsaga says:

    I wonder if they bathed that piglet before kissing him?… Tough question that deserves a real answer!

  13. If only they stayed that size, I would own a pack of those cute, adorable Blueberries.

  14. I wanna go vegetarian now 😫😫😫

  15. Laura Mater says:

    I raised a wild male pig he had big tusk and would hide in woods waiting on school bus. He chased kids home playing with them. They are great pets.

  16. Becky Burtis says:

    And I've been asked many times: Why don't you eat meat? It all started at the Nebraska state fair when I made close, intimate eye contact with the most magnificent "Andrew Wyeth" Pig. I stopped immediately eating pork, right after that, no beef and it all went from there. It was just a natural progression – and this is why!

  17. heyysimone says:

    So lucky he was willing to become a handled piglet – usually they need to be handled from the moment theyre born or else they just do not like to be held

  18. Renee Roth says:

    The cutest little Blueberry ever. 💗🐷💗

  19. Rara D. says:

    He's like a little puppy 🤭🤗🥰😇

  20. I honestly hate that pigs have become a meat animal. They are the damned cutest little things. I'd keep a pig as a pet for sure, especially a tiny little boi like this. I'd ride with him on my Harley!

  21. BA C says:

    How did the world justify eating pigs? Who made it acceptable to consume certain animals and label others as pets? All animals in my opinion have the right to live and not be eaten.

  22. I ate bacon this morning and now I feel bad after seeing that cute little pig

  23. Rose says:

    Precious little guy.

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