I have found so many amazing pieces of home decor and fashion at the thrift store! In today’s thrift haul, I even found a thrifted Dooney and Bourke purse! Check out this haul to see all of my new spring finds!

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  1. I remember the sound jars. They were popular when I first started working at school in the late eighties. Lots of teachers made their own with 35mm film canisters. There’s a book I have somewhere called 101 uses for film canisters. It’s full of teacher ideas using them.

  2. I have been subscribed to you for a long time and this is the first video I have gotten in a really long time. I actually thought you had stopped posting. The necklace is a belt. Dooney and Burke sells for about $100.00 for the cloth to well over $500.00 for leather. They also have my initials on a lot of them. So I have a few. Great find.

  3. Hi does anyone know whether Racheal from "Sweet and Simple Home" (Youtuber) is. I ask this because I have been watching her videos it is so good but can't seem to find her anywhere is she no longer doing Youtube? Ashwina

  4. Dooney & Bourke handbags can last years and years. they do get softer with age . they are one of my designer bags that I love to carry. You got a fabulous deal.

  5. My children go to a Montessori School and do the sound matching work. My four year old is excellent at it, and my two year old is still mastering it.

  6. Pee Wee Herman would love that oversized clothespin! I love the denim skirt! And that purse is a classic! Your thrift haul videos are fun to watch.
    Love from Iowa,
    ~ Lori Parrish Niemi ~

  7. The purse was a steal I have one and it is going on 20 years! The stiffness does sort of go away BUT, I think the stiff construction of what makes these purses indestructible!

  8. That purse is constructed to be a “stiffy” it will always retain its stiffness. I hate a stiff purse yet I prefer my sheets on my bed to be more stiff like percale sheets over softer sheets! IKR??? LOL

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