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Top 5 T.J. Oshie Plays from 2019-20 | NHL

Top 5 T.J. Oshie Plays from 2019-20 | NHL

Counting down the top five highlight-reel plays in 2019-20 from Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie

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28 Responses

  1. Браво, когда клюшка продолжение руки 💪

  2. Very underrated player. As a caps fan who gets to watch him every season, the man is a beast !

  3. Avsfan225 says:

    He will get more 30+ goal seasons

  4. Tj is the best at brake aways and shootouts

  5. DV says:

    What a STUD 👍👍👍

  6. Noah Graves says:

    I sure hope Ovi gave Oshie full credit

  7. Jeff says:

    Ovechkin sure was impressed with himself on that goal

  8. yoyogorilla says:

    The one commenter is always talking like yoda. Especially on play #4

  9. Your wife needs the kitchen chair back T.J.

  10. Can you do a Cary Price one?

  11. Stoat Ski says:

    His edge work on the Boston goal is something special

  12. 1madmaxx80 says:

    Better than Nylander. Made Reilly look stupid too LoL

  13. ReqFN says:

    Just watching this guy makes my day

  14. The #1 reminds me of bobby ryan against the preds

  15. Jimbo says:

    One of the greatest to ever wear a Fighting Sioux jersey

  16. Look at Oshie man so inspirational🙂

  17. Put a y and take off the E and it’s yoshi

  18. mattmlo12 says:

    Oshie used to have the coolest pregame routines in STL, remember trainers throwing pucks from the bench and oshie bouncing them on his stick.

  19. The Blues former head coach should not have traded Oshie to the Capitals. Oshie was my favorite player when he was with St. Louis.

  20. Warzone Bot says:

    Who’s a fan of Calgary flames

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