"traditional Indian design" Tote Bag

At MG Designs we custom make designs that can be used as a print on men, women & children clothing, home linen such as duvet covers, pillow cases as well as bed covers, also provide services for designs that can be printable on tote bags, back packs, hand bags, shopping bags, etc.
We provide printable designs for homeware such as dinner sets which include plates, bowls, cups/ mugs etc.
We also provide in designing gift wrapping paper, labels, greeting cards etc including logo designing.
our own in house artists
@sonabht_71 and @mansighedia, for more designs check out their Insta account.
If you guys like and want to own these than please leave a comment below for price. or else you can even write to us,
our email address is :- mgdesigns1982@gmail.com
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