Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Ice

Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Ice

Download Basketball Arena and attend the $50,000 Win Streak Event
First To Mine The Diamond, Keeps It
Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Cardboard
1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell



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  1. JustDustin says:

    First To Mine The Diamond, Keeps It
    Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Cardboard​
    1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell

  2. What is that music playing when he’s hitting the ice I need it

  3. SoulFoxie says:

    I kinda agree with Zach at the end, kind of a foul when Trent went and broke the whole prison

  4. It would be way easier if you had a drill or screw driver

  5. streetmeat says:

    It always ends up as how fast can Trent destroy this wall and he never disappoints

  6. It literally sounds like the boom vine 5:00

  7. justin tyme says:

    1:45 you're pretty good at that 😏

  8. lauraf81 says:

    I love it when Trent brakes the shovel.

  9. Noah Barnett says:

    Dustin looks like your pulling your punches 👊


  11. your_m_o_m says:

    The twisty knife is called a cyclone dagger

  12. Believer says:

    Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved from hell before it’s eternally too late if you haven’t already.!

  13. I'm your biggest fan can you fly me out and I also I subscribed like and hit the Bell notification

  14. This is a twisty knife, you stab and then twist!
    Me: that's what she said

  15. Jett Marks says:

    I did not Subscribe because you are mean to all of them

  16. Paula Collum says:

    If you get a weapon you can bust through the cardboard behind you when you’re in there

  17. You should challenges of your subscribers

  18. Trent making monke noises in the ice bath, i love it

  19. Yeah uh katanas are designed for wrist flick motions and to make the enemy bleed out

  20. Trent is the hulk…….on steroids 😂

  21. Hellstorm says:

    Trent is the best weapon there is.

  22. Katie Bug says:

    Zacs like get over here and Dustin likes come in here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can't

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