Tuesday Haul 8/4/15

Tuesday Haul 8/4/15

Here is my Tuesday haul! Hope you guys like everything!! this is my first video where I combined two videos together on youtube!



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  1. Lovely stuffed animals collection

  2. Daisy Holl says:

    is that webkinz signature tabby cat stellar for sale

  3. Aura Wolf says:

    Awww i love your video vesper. I didn't know they made another atka type plush lookalike. The white wolf plush are pretty. i also love the target husky that looks like a wolf. I love the tuesday morning wwf fox. I would buy him if you didn't want him.

  4. I'm just wondering how much is the aurora husky

  5. Loser 270 says:

    The small signature tabby cat is cute! How much for it? 🐱

  6. IOw I like the Huskys. They are adorable. How much do you want for them?

  7. You got alot of awesome haul of stuff and Cry wolf will love her Lion King  plush.OMG I love your Scootaloo,SweetieBelle and Apple Bloom Funko figures and I would love to have them and also Spike Funko figure too.

  8. Soo cool you were able to get some more of your plushies out of the storage!! 🙂
    I hope you can sell all of your plush! 🙂
    The Border Collie family is soo cute!! I hope they make a Husky family! 😀
    I love the lion king night gown!! I had to get one too!! 🙂
    Love the phone case that you got!
    The little husky that you found at target is soo cute! :3
    The WWF plush are soo cool!! Love the fox and the dolphins! 🙂
    The white Wolf is soo cool!! I really like his look! 🙂
    Love the Funko Pops of the cutie mark crusaders! They are too cute!! :3

  9. This was a great haul. I really loved the wwf plushies, they where so cute. I like your new phone case with the foxes on it. I hope you have a nice day.

  10. Katie Ann says:

    Great haul! Love that Eagle, she's beautiful!

  11. Are you selling the FAO tiger??????

  12. CryWolf says:

    Awesome haul! Cant wait to get nala^^ Love the new mlp figurines they came out with! If i ever wanted to get mlp stuff i'd definitely get the vinyl ones:D

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