One thought on “Tuesday Haul 8/4/15

  1. Awww i love your video vesper. I didn't know they made another atka type plush lookalike. The white wolf plush are pretty. i also love the target husky that looks like a wolf. I love the tuesday morning wwf fox. I would buy him if you didn't want him.

  2. You got alot of awesome haul of stuff and Cry wolf will love her Lion King  plush.OMG I love your Scootaloo,SweetieBelle and Apple Bloom Funko figures and I would love to have them and also Spike Funko figure too.

  3. Soo cool you were able to get some more of your plushies out of the storage!! 🙂
    I hope you can sell all of your plush! 🙂
    The Border Collie family is soo cute!! I hope they make a Husky family! 😀
    I love the lion king night gown!! I had to get one too!! 🙂
    Love the phone case that you got!
    The little husky that you found at target is soo cute! :3
    The WWF plush are soo cool!! Love the fox and the dolphins! 🙂
    The white Wolf is soo cool!! I really like his look! 🙂
    Love the Funko Pops of the cutie mark crusaders! They are too cute!! :3

  4. This was a great haul. I really loved the wwf plushies, they where so cute. I like your new phone case with the foxes on it. I hope you have a nice day.

  5. Awesome haul! Cant wait to get nala^^ Love the new mlp figurines they came out with! If i ever wanted to get mlp stuff i'd definitely get the vinyl ones:D

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