Who Wore It Best, Adele or Vanessa? 2020 Legendary Style Lab Royal Blood Fashion, Unbox & Review.

Who Wore It Best, Adele or Vanessa? 2020 Legendary Style Lab Royal Blood Fashion, Unbox & Review.

Who wore it best? Evermore Vanessa or Exquise’ Adele? My unbox and review of the 2020 Legendary Style Lab fashion Royal Blood fashion. Please watch as I deliver my first in hand impression of this fashion on two of my favorite dolls in my collection. Let me know in the comments who wore it best.

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11 Responses

  1. I think Vanessa wore it best.

  2. Cat Attack says:

    They both look stunning in the outfit. Adele has a very sultry look to her and the outfit is more bright and fun, but with a sophistication . I think Vanessa’s hair and makeup suit the look more. I think Adele would look better in something darker or more of a cool toned red to match her lipstick. Vanessa’s lips aren’t a perfect match to the dress but its still a bright red similar to the dress.

  3. cyberessa says:

    I personally think they both can wear this outfit, but it's not for a Ladies Luncheon as it is too risque.

  4. I think Vanessa got this one, I love Adele tho; her look, her hair is to die for she's just so sasa-fras! 🙂

  5. Claudia Guy says:

    I have finally found where the comments are hidden! Ms. T, I have learned so much from watching your videos. Thank you!!! I look forward to viewing your new videos.

  6. Both are look stunning! ❤️ Sorry Adele, Vanessa takes this one.

  7. guruuvy says:

    This outfit is quite reminiscent of one Azzedine Alaia’s designs! He was a North African designer whose atelier was in Paris from the 80’s until his death in 2017! He used to dress Tina Turner and Naomi Campbell was one of his muses!

  8. Sharisfab! says:

    Vanessa is the winner. Keep the hose it looks wonderful.

  9. I really wanted Adele to win this battle …..but…if I was totally honest……Vanessa won hands down….her colouring & her aura was just made for this outfit.

  10. Daethaqt3000 says:

    Vanessa won this battle. i want the shoes!!

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