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Wild Magpie Knew Exactly What This Family Needed | The Dodo Soulmates

Wild Magpie Knew Exactly What This Family Needed | The Dodo Soulmates

Magpie flies into a family’s life exactly when they need her and changes their lives forever ❤️️

Follow Penguin the Magpie on Facebook: https://thedo.do/PenguinTheMagpie for more of this wonderful family, and you can also check them out on Instagram: http://thedo.do/penguinthemagpie. You can also keep up with Sam Bloom Australia on Instagram: https://thedo.do/samjbloom, and check out her new book here: https://thedo.do/sambloom. Penguin’s story is available as a book here: https://thedo.do/penguinbloom, and soon to be a feature film.

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34 Responses

  1. This was an amazing story..

  2. G@n@21 says:

    Penguin Bloom is a beautiful movie. I recommend it. ❤️

  3. I used have a magpie as a pet i
    first saw him in my school bag trying to look for something

  4. Linda says:

    I’m jealous…. ❤️

  5. 9razzler9 says:

    penguin is like a dog with wings!

  6. This made a great movie 🎥 .. it was awesome ..

  7. Kpina says:

    That's not saving "a bird baby", that's kidnapping a fledgeling.

  8. What a great story.God knows what he is doing.they seen to need each other

  9. And now there’s a movie about her.

  10. Hathor says:

    Those beautiful animals are more humans than humans

  11. S_CAAT_C says:

    Name of this movie is penguin bloom

  12. Animal Lover says:

    The debt we owe to these creatures cannot be measured in lifetimes! Respect and love to gods most beautiful creation, our flora and fauna

  13. Chaviator says:

    Oh!, so cute!😘😘😂!! I just love it!! Thank you so much for sending these cute animal videos! 😂

  14. MANY HAPPY TEARS!!!! Thankyou for this BEAUTIFUL story!

  15. Lisa Altman says:

    This Dodo story is inspiring, special, touching, & spiritually beautiful. I'm grateful for the Universe having graced my awareness w/it. I feel like it just helped me feel like a better person to now know this amazing story. Thank u so much!

  16. What a heart warming video

  17. Now penguin is the boss in the family.
    Today is a better day for me,beautifull history.

  18. Your story was beautifully presented!

  19. Saw the movie Penguin Bloom and loved it! Thank u for a heartwarming movie for ALL of us ! 💕💜💙🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥰

  20. DARTHeeek says:

    I love hearing the Australian accent, even as an Australian. Nothing makes me cringe more than an American accent

  21. Mark Martin says:

    You can't help but wonder if these animals that wander into our lives aren't little angels in some way.

  22. Cali PL says:

    The most wonderful story, thank You, and all the best

  23. magpies are extremely intelligent. they can form a true bond with people if you give them care and love. they also speak their own language its assumed.

  24. Tommy Hayes says:

    And they say there's no God

  25. What makes this really a nice story, is that the bird was never denied it's freedom, it chose to be with them and when to leave.

  26. I still can't believe that's not a Disney Animation 😃😍

  27. Kirky roo says:

    Wait isn’t this a movie?

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